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Steel Tube Necking-in & Closing Machine


The steel tube necking-in and closing machine uses hot spinning technology, primarily for necking-in and closing of steel tubes and pipes, especially in automotive shock absorber, motorcycle vibration dampers, SCBA cylinders, accumulator shells, small gas storage cylinders, boiler tubes, and chemical pipe industries.

Main Features
-OMRON PLC control and Weinview touch screen operation
- Induction heating method, clean & quick
- Both necking-in and closing: The reserved hole diameter after necking-in can be freely adjusted, and the end wall thickness after closing can be increased for better pressure resistance with no need for additional welding.  
- Closing end can be flat, spherical, ellipsoidal or pyramid shaped, and is easy to adjust.
- Automatic hydraulic clamping
- Necking-in & closing dies are made using a cobalt-base alloy. They are resistant to high temperatures, and feature a long service life.
- Compulsive lubricating system, prolonging life of dies
- Auto loading & unloading device is optional

Technical Data

Item RXYJ-40 RXYJ-70 RXYJ-80
Suitable tube diameter 14-40mm 20-70mm 30-80mm
Suitable tube wall thickness 1-2.5mm 1-5mm 1-4mm
Suitable tube length 80-600mm 80-600mm 120-500mm
Necking-in / closing speed 5~15s
Production speed 200~400pcs/h 100~300 pcs/h
Main motor power 5.5kW 6.5kW 8.5kW
Induction heating power 25kW 35kW 35kW
Machine dimension 1500x2200x1600mm 1600x2250x2050mm 3000x2800x2200mm
Machine weight 1850kg 2000kg 3500kg

Typical Products Made by Steel Tube Necking-In & Closing Machine

Stainless Steel Sensor Tube Closing Machine

The stainless steel sensor tube closing machine is specially designed to close stainless steel sensor tube ends. It can also be used for necking-in purposes. The closed mouth diameter can be freely adjusted, and the machine is capable of closing the ends of both steel and copper tubes.

Technical Data

No. Item Data
1 Suitable stainless steel tube diameter 5-10mm
2 Suitable stainless steel tube wall thickness 0.4-1.0mm
3 Suitable stainless steel tube length Less than 500mm
4 Spinning method Cold spinning
5 Closed end shape Spherical and ellipsoidal
6 Motor power 3kW
7 Production speed 300-500 pcs/h
8 Closing tool material Carbide alloy
9 Machine dimension About 1000 x 1300 x 1550mm
10 Machine weight About 750kg

Typical Sensor Tubes Made by This Tube Closing Machine

We have a variety of tube necking-in and closing machines available for different purposes.

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