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Tube Spinning Machine

The tube spinning machine is specially designed for closing or necking-in metal tubes for oil storage, muffler and filter drier for air condition, refrigerator, heater, automotive, etc.

Main Features
1. Two axis CNC control, small error, high speed
2. Hydraulic system is equipped with water cooling system
3. High speed mandrel speed 2800rpm, inverter control, speed adjustable
4. Automatic loading, unloading Main Technical Data of Tube Spinning Machine

Main Features of Tube Spinning Machine

No. Item Data
1 Max. tube diameter and wall thickness Φ30×1mm (or 50×1mm, 80×1mm) (copper)
2 Min. tube diameter and wall thickness Φ8X1mm (copper)
3 Max. workpiece length 200MM
4 Min. workpiece length 40MM
5 Average working efficiency 15s per piece
6 Control method CNC double-axis control
7 Loading/unloading method automatic
8 Driving method Hydraulic + pneumatic
9 Main spindle motor Inverter control speed adjustable
10 Total power consumption 6.5KW
11 Electric power 380V 50HZ
12 Air source 0.5-0.8MPa
13 Hydraulic pressure 0.5-6MPa

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