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Testing Meters & Equipment

    1. Transformer Test System Transformer test system is an integrated test bench, combined with several test instruments and equipment for a variety of routine tests on transformers. It can provide reliable data for supervising and manufacturing distribution and power transformers.
    1. Impulse Voltage Generator Impulse voltage generators are used for conducting lightning impulse tests on electric cables, capacitors, bushings, power transformers and instrument transformers. They can carry out standing lightning full wave impulse tests, chopping wave impulse tests and standard operation wave impulse tests.
    1. Transformer Loss Tester The transformer loss tester has a high precision integrated test instrument, not only for checking out transformer capacity, but also for testing transformer performance such as no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage, short-circuit loss, impedance voltage, etc.
    1. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter This ZRS series transformer winding resistance meter is the newest instrument for measuring DC resistance of big power transformers windings. It's able to measure three windings simultaneously and it has auto-discharge circuit for operator safety, for OLTC transformer, discharge no needed. Test duration is only one third than conventional single-phase DC meter.
    1. Transformer Turns Ratio Meter High turns ratio range: 1-10,000
      Built-in large-size thermal printer.
      Phase angle and winding polarity measuring.
      Name-plate turns ratio calculation.
    1. Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Meter This capacitance and dissipation factor meter is an up-to-date test instrument for measuring capacitance and dissipation factor (dielectric loss and impedance) for full automatically voltage devices such as transformers, cables, capacitors, insulators, HV switches, arresters, etc.
    1. Partial Discharge Test System The partial discharge test system is special to measure partial discharge of transformers, motors, cables, GIS, switches, arresters and others. It has special dual-channel measuring function which allows to make several tests to different items or several tests to different points on same item, it's also suitable to analyze discharging positions of big size transformers.
    1. Instrument Transformer Test Sets The instrument transformer test sets is a full automatic microprocessor-based integrated test set. It can perform tests of current transformers and potential transformers, such as excitation, ratio, winding polarity, ratio and phase angle error, etc.
    1. EHV Circuit Breaker Analyzer The EHV circuit breaker KC-6A analyzer is standalone; it has a microprocessor-controlled, 6 dry contacts, analyzing extra high voltage circuit breaker's performance by testing contact time, stroke, speed and over-travel, etc.
    1. Micro-Ohmmeter The HL series for micro-ohmmeter measures circuit-breaker contact resistance, bushing contact joints or any low-resistance conductor path that requires testing. This microprocessor controlled micro-ohm meter can accurately measure low resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 20 milliohms at any test current from 10A to 600A.
    1. Vacuum Bottle Tester Different to conventional power-frequency withstand voltage test method, the vacuum bottle tester adopts ionization charges sampling technology, quantitatively testing vacuity of vacuum bottles, evaluating if vacuum bottle in circuit breaker is in normal range and calculating vacuum switch life with fast leaking.
    1. SF6 Analyzing Meter The SF6 Analyzing Meter is a modern instrument, measuring moisture content in hydrogen, nitrogen, other inert gases and non-corrosive gases, especially SF6 gas, in high precision. It's used in SF6 switches distribution station, hydrogen station and hydrogen-cooling generators, also used in petrochemical and metallurgical industry, environmental protection industry, scientific research institutes and other fields.
    1. Protective Relay Tester The protective relay tester is an important testing tool that ensures power system is running securely and reliably. JB series protective relay testers are computer-based, true color LCD graphic display and WOS, Windows operation system. It is compact, portable and light weight, 16Kg to 18Kg.
    1. Cable Hipot Test System The cable hipot test system includes frequency power, exciting transformer, reactors and voltage divider. Reactors are dry resin casting type, suitable for different cable tests. Variable-frequency resonance voltage raising device makes reactor and capacitor achieve resonance by adjusting frequency of power and getting high voltage and big current on tested objects.
    1. Cable Fault Locating System Cable fault locating & detecting involves a complete system, instead of a single tester. We offer different configurations of cable fault locator systems for underground and overhead cables. These are also available in different voltage levels, ranging from 380V to 220kV, and even 500kV.
    1. Arrester Tester The arrester tester checks AC electrical parameters of zinc oxide arresters, perfect instrument for both worksite and laboratory testing. It adopts advanced microcomputer as main control, full intelligent operation and strong anti-jamming ability for high precision measuring results.
    1. Power Quality Analyzer The power quality analyzer helps to locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems. It is featured with big size memory, suitable for long-time analyzing and collecting data of power grid; its software analyzes data collected and uploaded into PC.