Arrester Tester

The arrester tester checks AC electrical parameters of zinc oxide arresters, perfect instrument for both worksite and laboratory testing. It adopts advanced microcomputer as main control, full intelligent operation and strong anti-jamming ability for high precision measuring results.

Main Features of Arrester Tester
1. Big size LCD displaying, full menu operation, simple and convenient
2. Variable measuring methods: PT secondary way, laboratory way, online current way, etc.
3. High precision sampling and treating circuit, advanced harmonic wave analyzing technology assuring data reliability
4. The arrester tester comes with dual safety protection systems. One is the 0.1A fuse tube at the voltage input terminal of the equipment, and the other is the mutual inductor which isolates the arrester tester and the voltage transformer completely.
5. Stable output parameters such as fundamental wave peak output of resistive current, intersection angle between fundamental wave voltage and current, easy to analyze conditions of arrester
6. Side-phase correcting function eliminates interference of site live testing
7. The arrester tester has chargeable battery working more than 3 hours without 220VAC
8. With calendar and clock, micro printer.
9. It saves 1024 units measured data
10. RS-232 interface uploads measured data to computer

Main Technical Data of Arrester Tester

Item Specifications
Reference voltage input range (effective value) 10-200V
Leakage current measuring range (effective value) 0-10mA
Resistive current measuring range (effective value) 0-10mA
Capacitive current measuring range (effective value) 0-10mA
Power consumption of arrester 0-999W
Angle between fundamental current and voltage 0-360 degree
Full current system measuring accuracy ±3% of reading+1
Capacitive current measuring precision ±10% of reading+ 3
Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50Hz±1%
Size 330×280×140mm
Weight 4kg+wire(2kg)
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