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Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Meter

This capacitance and dissipation factor meter is an up-to-date test instrument for measuring capacitance and dissipation factor (dielectric loss and impedance) for full automatically voltage devices such as transformers, cables, capacitors, insulators, HV switches, arresters, etc.
This is a high precision instrument; main power is generated by inverter inside and boosted by transformer. Frequency of main power is 45Hz and 55Hz, different to power frequency and so avoid interference by power frequency. It is also suitable when power supplier is a generator.

Features of Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Meter
1. Portable type, very light weight, no more than 30kg.
2. Equipped with big screen (240x128mm), menu displaying with relative prompts in the right side, very simple operation, no need special training.
3. Test results from the capacitance and dissipation factor meter can be saved or printed out; one time operation and automatically finish the entire test.
4. Equipped with big capacity memory and calendar CMOS chip. Test results can be saved in time/date sequence; history records can be reviewed and printed out at any time.
5. Equipped with wiring diagram menu inside helping operator to wire correctly.
6. The capacitance and dissipation factor meter is equipped with ground detecting to ensure reliable stepping up.
7. By equipped with insulation oil cup, this instrument can also test dielectric loss of insulation oil.
8. The capacitance and dissipation factor meter is suitable for testing full-sealed capacitor type voltage transformer.
9. It has inverter and sample circuit, all digital control, output voltage is constantly adjustable
10. Equipped with multi-safety protection measures for voltage fluctuation, output short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, etc.

Parameters of Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Meter

1 Service conditions -5℃ ~ 40℃ RH<80%
2 Principle of anti-jamming Varying frequency
3 Power supply AC220V +/-10% (no limit on frequency)
4 HV output voltage 0.5~10kV
precision 5%
Max. current 140mA
Capacity 1000VA
5 Self-exciting power AC 0~30V 45Hz/55Hz
Max. current 15A
6 Resolution ratio tgδ 0.001% Cx: 0.1pF
7 Precision Δtgδ +/- (reading x 1.0% + 0.040%)
ΔCx +/- (reading x 1.0% +1.0pF)
8 Measuring range tgδ No limit
Cx 15pF < Cx < 100000pF

10kV Cx < 30,000pF

5kV Cx < 60,000pF

1kV Cx < 100,000pF
For CVT Cx < 100,000pF
9 Memory size Can store 40 units test data
10 Dimension 470 x 320 x 390mm (L x W x H)
11 Weight 30Kg
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