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Transformer Making Machine

Zhenhuan has been committed to developing and producing transformer making machines for many years. As an experienced transformer making machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a great variety of machines, such as transformer corrugated tank machines, transformer radiator fin plate forming and welding line, transformer core making machines, transformer coil winding machines, vacuum drying furnace, transformer test system, as well as other transformer related machines etc. Here we give you some information on several popular products:
Our corrugated tank machine is specially-designed for producing corrugated fins for corrugated transformer tanks.
Our radiator fin plate rolling machine is designed on the basis of Germany GEORG technology can produce fin plates of three different widths.
Our transformer radiator fin plate forming and welding line is ideal for fully automatic forming and welding radiator fin plates.
Our Foil Coil Winding Machine is built for winding aluminum or copper foil type coils in transformer and electric apparatus.
If you are interested in our transformer making machines, please feel free to contact us. We are look forward to working with you.

    1. Transformer Core Cutting Machines We have various transformer core cutting machines available:
      Fully automatic CNC step-lap mitred core cut to length line (GEORG like)
      Compact swing shear step-lap mitred core cut to length line
      Distributed gap core cutting machine (UNICORE like)
      High speed electrical silicon steel rectangular / straight cutting machine
    1. Corrugated Tank Machine

      We have a complete range of machines for making transformer corrugated tanks:  
      1- Transformer corrugated tank fin forming machine
      2- Transformer corrugated tank fin welding machine
      3- Corrugated fin reinforcement spot welding machine
      4- Corrugated fin wall bending machine
      5- Powder coating line

    1. Transformer Radiator Fin Plate Forming and Welding Line Our transformer radiator fin plate forming and welding line take advantage of the technology from Germany GEORG and Canadian MTM. It is designed mainly to manufacture fin plate of different widths (520 or 535mm, 480mm, 320 or 310mm) with high efficiency.
    1. LV Foil Coil Winding Machine We have both LV foil coil winding machines and HV foil coil winding machines available for dry transformers and high quality oil immersed transformers. The LV foil coil winding machine is available in 800mm, 1100mm and 1400mm width, single-layer or double-layer.
      Our HV foil coil winding machine is specially designed for high voltage foil coils, high automation, and high precision.
    1. Transformer Core Winding Machine

      We have various core winding machines:
      - Heavy-duty transformer core winding machine
      - Full automatic toroidal core winding machine
      - Semi-automatic toroidal core winding machine
      - Miniature magnetic core winding machine

    1. Transformer Coil Winding Machine

      We have a variety of coil winding machines for distribution transformers and power transformers available:
      LV coil winding machine
      HV coil winding machine with automatic wire guiding device
      Fully automatic coil winding machine with auto insulation winding
      Fully automatic multiple coil winding machine
      Vertical coil winding machine for power transformer

    1. CNC Coil Winder

      We have a variety of different CNC coil winding machines available for different applications:
      - Fully automatic air coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic speaker voice coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic wireless charging coil winding machine
      - Fully automatic miniature toroidal coil winding machine

    1. Amorphous Transformer Machine This amorphous cutting machine is specially designed for automatic cutting and stacking amorphous strips for cores.
      This line adopts PLC control, servo drive, touch screen operation and high precision mechanical transmitting mechanisms, thereby ensuring high automation, high productivity and high reliability.
    1. Paper Taping Machine The configuration of the paper taping machine is on the basis of taping layers, quantity of wires required, and wire reel sizes. This device is able to perform single-wire taping or multi-wire taping. The taping layer ranges from 2 to 60 layers.
    1. Paper Folding Machine This machine is mainly for folding interlaminar insulation paper used in transformer windings. After winded in the coil, such folded insulation paper will form the end-insulation, thus increases mechanical intensity, winding efficiency of coil and decreases the material cost.
    1. Vacuum Annealing Furnace This annealing furnace is specially designed for releasing inner stress inside wound CRGO cores and decreasing their iron loss.
      It is inner-heating, vacuum, nitrogen-cooling, front load type with trolley.
    1. Vacuum Drying Furnace This vacuum drying furnace adopts variable-pressure drying principle suggested by Dr. Moll from Germany, which is specialized for drying transformer bodies. Compared with conventional vacuum heating drying methods, the variable pressure type can save up to 30-45% drying duration.
    1. Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment Our vacuum resin casting equipment is applicable for epoxy resin casting bushings, HV switch insulators, arc-distinguish coils, current transformers, potential transformers, dry-type transformers, as well as other electric apparatus.
      This machine is able to carry out with-stuffing and without-stuffing casting.
    1. APG Epoxy Resin Casting Machine Our WHAG-888 APG Epoxy Resin Casting Machine adopts the automatic pressure gelation processing technology. It is used to cast high voltage electrical components with epoxy resin. The APG technology can reduce the casting duration from dozen hours (by conventional vacuum casting method) to dozen minutes.
    1. Copper Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machines The MFCCE series copper Strips Continuous Extrusion Line makes use of the advanced technology in the world. Such blank material as copper or aluminum rods will be continuously fed into a revolving squeezing wheel with a fixed groove. At this time, due to the enormous frictional force and extrusion force, a sufficient temperature can be achieved.
    1. Tridimensional Core Transformer Making Machine Our tridimensional core is especially designed for producing tridimensional core transformer which exhibits better performance, more reasonable structure, as well as less production cost. The tridimensional core is a new structure wound GRGO core with three columns of round cross section.
    1. Transformer Oil Vacuum Filtering Machine This series transformer oil vacuum filtering machine is a kind of typical double-stage vacuum oil purifiers and can process and recycle transformer oils efficiently under vacuum conditions. It is capable of dehydrating, degassing, as well as purifying various insulation oil utilized for high voltage transformers, circuit breakers, etc.
    1. CTC Production Line Our CTC production line is able to produce the continuous transposed conductors used in huge transformer windings with voltage of less than 1000MVA and 1000KV. This device is capable of stranding many flat copper wires together. It, through accurate mechanical actions of transposing head ...
    1. Hovercraft for In-plant Transportation Compared with traditional mode of transportation, our hovercraft for in-plant transportation has high safety, high efficiency, high flexibility, and of course low cost. This range of product is widely used in transformer factory, diesel engine plant, electric car industry, automobile industry, etc. It is also an ideal tool for transport service.
    1. Busbar Bending Punching Cutting Machine This machine integrates the functions of punching, cutting and bending, embossing, twisting, flatting, pressing tie-in, etc. Our busbar bending punching cutting machine is specially produced to process aluminum and copper busbars used in electric power, high/low voltage electric apparatus and busway industries.