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Our core winding machine can be classified into three series. Customer can choose the product based on the actual production demand.

I. Heavy-duty Transformer Core Winding Machine

This range of product is applicable for winding cores for single phase or three-phase transformer (3-column or 5-column). The core section can be rectangle, trapezoidal or round. Composed of multi-head decoiler, feeding-rectifying-damping device, and main winding head (inverter control), the heavy-duty transformer core winding machine is applicable for winding toroidal cores for instrument transformer.

Technical Parameters of Core Winding Machine

Item TXJ-1 TXJ-2 TXJ-3
Applicable transformer capacity (KVA) 30-800 800-1600 1600-2000
Torque of spindle (N·M) ≥600
Max. core weigh (kg) 2000 2500 3000
Max. core outer diameter (mm) 750 900 1200
CRGO strip width (mm) ≤220 ≤280 ≤320
Quantity of strips 1-8 strips (8-heads material feeding stand)
Expanding range of feed head (mm) 460-520
Driving motor power (kW) 9 13 13
Winding speed (rpm) 0-18
Air pressure (MPa) 0-0.6
Counting method Digital display, turns can be preset within the range of 1-9999
Total weight (kg) 4500 5000 5500
Dimension (mm)
Feeding unit 3700×840×2100
Rectifying unit 2065×800×1800
Winding unit 1860×1500×1730 1960×1650×1880 2060×1750×1980
Floor area (mm) 9000×2500 9000×2500 10000×2500

II. Full Automatic Toroidal Core Winding Machine

Suitable for winding toroidal CRGO cores used in transformers, the full automatic toroidal core winding machine adopts robot system for simple and convenient operation. This range of product consists of servo motor feeding device, punching & cutting unit, tensioning equipment, servo motor winding system, spot welding and finished core releasing device.

Technical Parameters of Core Winding Machine

Item ZJJ-40 ZJJ-60 ZJJ-80
Applicable strip thickness 0.23-0.35mm
Applicable strip width 10-30mm 30-60mm 40-100mm
Max. core OD Φ100mm Φ120mm Φ200mm
Min. core ID Φ30-50mm Φ50-70mm Φ80-100mm
Turns precision ±0.1 turns
Production speed 3-5pcs/min 2-3pcs/min 1.5-2pcs/min
Machine dimension About 2500×1200×1250mm
Machine weight About 2000kg

III Semi-automatic Toroidal Core Winding Machine

1. The toroidal core manufactured with our semi-automatic toroidal core winding machine is generally used in transformers.
2. This product is equipped with automatic punching and cutting device.
3. Thanks to the adjustable guiding device and strip pressing device for the core winding machine, the winding tension and the winding precision can be perfectly controlled.
4. The pressing unit for the toroidal core winding equipment is designed with follow-up device. So the pressing unit will press on the core properly for good compacting degree.
5. Automatic core releasing device helps improve the working efficiency greatly.
6. Manual spot welding.

Technical Parameters of Semi-automatic Toroidal Core Winding Machine

Item TXJ-1A
Applicable strip thickness 0.23-0.5mm
Applicable strip width 20-200mm
Max. core OD Φ350mm
Min. core ID Φ30mm
Max. core weight 800kg
Main driving motor Inverter control, 3kW
Turns precision ±0.1 turns
Winding speed 0-200r/min
Machine dimension About 1800×1400×1350mm
Machine weight About 1900kg

IV Toroidal Amorphous Core/Nanocrystal Core Winding Machine

The processing technology of the automatic core winder includes material feeding, internal welding, winding, cutting, and external welding. This toroidal amorphous core winding machine is composed of servo motor driving system, gear transmission unit, and fast-speed winding system. The related parameters, working conditions, as well as the machine failure, will be display on the HMI. In case there is material shortage or material defect, the PLC control system will send out the alarm automatically.

Technical Parameters of Amorphous/Nanocrystal Core Winding Machine

Item Specifications
Min. core inner diameter 2.8-25mm (148mm) (by different machines)
Max. core outer diameter 60 (165)mm (by different machines)
Applicable strip width 2.8-10mm
Production speed 8-12pcs/min
Core weight tolerance Less than 1g
Wire coil weight 3kg
Main winding servo motor power Panasonic, 0.9-5kW (based on machine code)
Machine dimension 1600×800×1400mm
Machine weight 200kg
Control system Panasonic PLC and HMI
Servo motor Panasonic

In addition to the said the products, the Beryllium-Mo alloy core winding machine and other special material core winding machines are also available from us. Luckily, we can produce automatic sorting & testing line, automatic gluing & packing line for finishing amorphous cores and nanocrystal cores.

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