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Corrugated Tank Machine

Corrugated Tank (Fin) Forming Machine

This machine can automatically fabricate corrugated fins for transformer corrugated tanks.

I. Buildup of the line
1. Decoiler: mechanical expansion, passive, capacity 6T.
2. Hydraulic station: max. pressure 30MPa, max. flux 100L/min, pump motor 7.5kW; main hydraulic components are from Taiwan.
3. Main forming unit: hydraulic driven, automatic forming
4. Shearing device: hydraulic driven to cut formed fins
5. Run-out table: manual, 3m long
6. PLC control system: PLC, inverter, touch screen, encoder, are Mitsubishi from Japan; electric components are Schneider brand, from joint venture in China.

II. Main technical data:

Item Specifications
Width of raw steel coil 300-1500mm
Thickness of steel 1-1.5mm
Height of fin 100-400mm
Pitch between fins 45-80mm
Space inside fin 4-6mm
Forming speed 3 fins per minute
Dimension 5500×1600×2200mm

Corrugated Tank Fin Welding Machine

This machine is special designed for welding fins of corrugated tanks. All mechanical equipment related to transformer also can be provided.

Main Technical Data

Item Specifications
Suitable fin size Max. 1400×1400×500mm
Suitable fin thickness 1-1.5mm
Suitable space inside fin 4-6mm
Welding speed Fin height of 100mm: 3 fins/min
Fin height of 200mm: 2 fins/min (Depending on fin thickness)
Argon arc welding machine (TIG) Two pieces, welding current 30-300A
Compressed air 0.8MPa
Machine weight About 4000kg
Dimension About 3600×2000×2000mm

Transformer Corrugated Tank Fin Reinforcement Spot Welding Machine

This is one of our patented machines, designed in house for the best spot welding reinforcement on corrugated fin panels formed using a transformer corrugated tank fin production machine.

Two spot welding torches are driven by servo motors and PLC control. The height, position and stroke can be pre-set based on the fin panel height and width, and the welding process utilizes a resistance weld, quick welding speed, and a low noise level. Fin panel movement is driven by an inverter controlled motor, and the movement stroke can be preset based on the fin pitch.

Technical Data

No. Item Data
1 Suitable fin width 300-1300mm (can be customized)
2 Suitable fin height 100-400mm
3 Suitable steel thickness Max. 1.5 + 1.5mm
4 Input electric power AC 380V, 3phase, 50Hz (can be specially ordered)
5 Welding transformer power 100kVA
6 Rated primary welding current 160A
7 Secondary no-load voltage 7.2V
8 Load sustained rate 50%
9 Pneumatic source 0.4MPa
10 Cooling water flow 30L/min, 0.2MPa
11 Total motor power 8kW
12 Machine dimension About 4500 x 2400 x 2300mm
13 Machine weight About 3500kg

Transformer Corrugated Tank Fin Wall Bending Machine

This machine is specially designed to bend fin walls with several units into 90 degree angles.

Technical Data

No. Item Data
1 Suitable material thickness 1.0-1.6mm
2 Suitable fin height 50-400mm
3 Suitable fin width 300-1600mm
4 Distance between two units More than 60mm
5 Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2kW
6 Pump motor SIEMENS from China
7 Electric components SCHNEIDER from China

Powder Coating Line for Transformer Corrugated Tanks

We can design powder coating lines for transformer corrugated tanks based on customers’ requirements, and the automatic degree can be customized based on the customer’s budget. By using a Nordson special spraying gun system, the transformer corrugated fin tank is expertly coated.

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