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Transformer Oil Vacuum Filtering Machine

This series transformer oil vacuum filtering machine is a kind of typical double-stage vacuum oil purifiers and can process and recycle transformer oils efficiently under vacuum conditions. It is capable of dehydrating, degassing, as well as purifying various insulation oil utilized for high voltage transformers, circuit breakers, etc.

Main Features
1. Our transformer oil vacuum filter features double stage, high vacuum pressure, and high flow rate. The characteristics contribute to removing water, air, gas, solid particulates, and other impurities from oil quickly and efficiently. Thus, the oil's break-down voltage is improved and its insulation performance is well ensured.
2. The advanced dehydrating and degassing system is available and takes use of 3D flash distillation technology to eliminate the harmful components in the oil like water, air, and gas.
3. The high-precision multi-stage filtration also helps to separate the mechanical impurities from oil.
4. Our transformer oil vacuum filtering machine adopts superior quality filter elements which possess high mechanical strength, good corrosion and wear resistance, etc.
5. This series is equipped with highly sensitive automatic pressure protection device and infrared oil level control system, which enable much easier, simpler, and safer operation.
6. Our transformer oil vacuum filtering machine comes with the function of vacuumizing electrical equipment and oil filling under vacuum conditions.
7. This equipment is able to process low-viscosity lubricating oils and much more efficient than other single-stage oil vacuum purifier.

Main Technical Parameters

Item ZYD-50 ZYD-100 ZYD-200
Rated flow rate (L/h) 3000 6000 12000
Heating power (kW) 42 60 108
Total power consumption (kW) 46 67 119
Inlet/outlet diameter (mm) 32 40 50
Vacuum range (MPa) -0.07~0.095
Working pressure (MPa) ≤0.5
Working temperature (℃) 50~75
Filtration fineness (μm) 1~5
Dimension (mm) 1500x1200x1650 1600x1300x1650 1750x1200x1900
Weight (kg) 800 1050 1800

Guaranteed Performance Index

Item Before treatment After one-time treatment After several times treatment
Water content Less than 50ppm Less than 15ppm Less than 3~5ppm
Gas content Less than 12% Less than 0.5% Less than 0.1%
Flash point Less than 135℃ More than 135℃ More than 135℃
Break-down voltage More than 35kV More than 55kV More than 60~75kW

Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

This tester is a device which is especially designed for testing the dielectric strength of insulation oil.
1. Automatic magnet mixing
2. Users can adjust these parameters at any moment including testing time, mixing duration, as well as stewing duration.
3. If every dielectric is punctured, the transformer oil dielectric strength tester will give a sound indication. Of course, the sound can be shut off if operators don't need it.
4. This machine has automatic detecting function. It can be automatically reset if users start the meter.
5. LED displaying
6. The transformer oil dielectric strength tester offers automatic testing function. It will test 6 times continuously, average multiple measurements, and then type out test data and average value automatically.
7. The test data can be stored for a long time.

Technical Specifications

Item Unit Data
Electric supply - 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
Measuring range kV AC 0~80
Limit current mA 5
Data storing units 360, each unit with 9 data
Measuring precision % 1.5
Voltage regulating speed kV/s 2.5 ±10%
Dielectric puncture times 1~9
Mixing duration s 0~599
Stewing duration s 0~599
Ambient temperature +5 ~ +40
Weight kg 28
Dimension mm 415 x 315 x 315

Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtering Machine

1. As its name implies, our tester is specially designed for measuring capacitance and dielectric loss tangent of transformer oil. This is a device with high precision and it is comprised of oil cup, standard capacitor, temperature sensor, temperature control instrument, AC power supply, dielectric loss bridge, and so on.
2. The transformer oil dielectric loss tester utilizes the high-frequency induction heating method, without contact with oil cup. The whole process is quick and stable.
3. The AC power supply adopts AC-DC-AC converting method, so preventing measuring precision from the influence due to voltage and frequency fluctuation of urban electricity system. Even though the electric power is offered by generator unit, this testing instrument can still work normally as it did before.
4. The built-in standard capacitor is SF6 tri-pole capacitor whose dielectric loss and capacitance will be immune to ambient temperature as well as humidity. This ensures a high precision long-term test.

Main Features
1. This equipment is light weight with the weight of less than 18kg. It is portable to carry.
2. It is applied with a big screen, coming with menu displaying function.
3. The test data can be saved and printed out.
4. Digital technology and full intellectualized automatically testing technology are adopted.
5. Advanced high-frequency induction heating method

Main Parameters

Item Unit Data
Electrical supply - 220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
HV output voltage V 1000~2200
Max. output current mA 25
Output capacity VA 50
Precision % 2
Temperature-control induction oven kV/s 2.5 ±10%
Max. power W 500
Temperature control range < 100
Temperature measuring error ±0.5
Temperature control error ±1
Temperature control duration (from ambient temperature to 90℃) min < 20
Measuring range tgδ no limit
Cx pF 15~300
Rx - 10M-10T
Measuring precision Δtgδ - ± (reading x 1.0% + 0.020%)
ΔCx - ±(reading x 1.0% +0.5pF)
ΔRx - ±reading x 10%
Relative permittivity εr - automatically calculating
Volume resistivity ρ - automatically calculating
Ambient temperature -5 ~ +40
Weight kg 18
Dimension mm 450 x 310 x 360
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