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Paper Folding Machine

This machine is mainly for folding interlaminar insulation paper used in transformer windings. After winded in the coil, such folded insulation paper will form the end-insulation, thus increases mechanical intensity, winding efficiency of coil and decreases the material cost.

This machine is similar to American machine, either in structure or folding principle, high productivity and reliability.

Main Technical Data

Item Specifications
Insulation paper roll size ID:76mm, OD<400mm
Folded paper roll size ID:76mm, OD<400mm
Width of paper roll 160-800mm
Thickness of paper 0.10-0.21mm
Folding width 6-19mm
Folding layers Max. 4 layers
Folding speed 0-20m/min, inverter controlled, adjustable
Main driving motor power 1.1kW, 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz
Air consumption 0.1m3/min
Machine floor space 5×2×1.1m
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