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Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Equipment

This kind of equipment is called as VPI, used for impregnating varnish into insulation of motor coils under a certain pressure and vacuum condition.

Our vacuum pressure impregnation equipment is mainly designed for insulation treatment of electrical products including wind turbines, power capacitor, high voltage motor, H-grade dry transformer, as well as cable insulation materials, and so on. For instance, coil windings for motor or transformer will be evaporated and degassed under vacuum condition, thereby effectively ensuring the insulation performance and reducing the influence of moisture, air, and other impurities. During the vacuum impregnation process, resin can be thoroughly immersed into the interior of insulation structure. So, both the insulation grade and electrical performance are greatly enhanced.

On the other hand, the vacuum pressure impregnation equipment can find its applications in material industry. This machine is designed to improve the material performance by altering the material structure. The vacuum pressure impregnation process will vastly increase compactness of graphite and promote the strength and heat resistance of graphite products. This impregnation method also is effective for eliminating the leakage of automotive engine castings and high pressure valves, thus improve the pass rate. Moreover, by using of different impregnants like bitumen, aseptic, etc. the material properties of fire bricks and woods will be modified.

1. Moisture can be evaporated easily.
2. The finished product contains less than 10ppm of residual water rate and comes with good insulation performance.
3. Good humidity resistance
4. High dielectric property
5. The impregnants can be reused, so reducing the environmental pollution.
6. Short impregnation time

Equipment Features
1. This machine combines different technologies of vacuum, pressurization, refrigeration, heating, automation, as well as pressure vessel.
2. It is controlled by PLC control system and can carry out automatic control and measurement.
3. Our vacuum impregnation machine is applied with safety alarm and interlock protection devices.

Equipment Classification
1. Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for wind turbines, driven motors, HV motors
2. Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for dry type transformers
3. Vacuum pressure impregnation equipment for dry type bushings, capacitors
4. Other vacuum pressure impregnation equipment

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