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Motor Test Bench System

This is an integrated test bench for fully automatic testing of AC asynchronous motors, with a fast testing speed and comprehensive testing capabilities.
All of the testing can be completed in a single cycle.
Suitable motors: Single three-phase fractional horsepower motor, micro-motor, small and medium-sized motor, household appliance motor, power tool, explosion-proof motor and pump motor and so on.

Main technical data
Model ZH95
Voltage AV0--700V
Resistance 0.01--1KΩ
Current 0--630A, Optional (25A,50A,100A,200A,400A,630A)
Frequency 45—65Hz
  • Special single-chip microcomputer control system, industrial computer system, system software platform is WIN7
  • Display: 17 inch LCD display
  • Resistance test unit
  • Power frequency withstand voltage unit
  • Power test unit
  • Strong electrical and electrical control system
  • Ground safety protection system
  • Strong motor cabinet (W600 x D650 x H1500) horizontal cabinet (W1150 x D650 x H1500)
  • Solid state disk (fast access speed, good shock resistance, high reliability)
Test item and accuracy
  • Cold state DC resistance test: 0.01─1KΩ; Accuracy is 0.2%; Distinguish three-phase resistance is balanced automatically.
  • Power frequency withstand voltage test: 0─2500VAC; Leakage current 0-30MA, accuracy 2%
  • Locked-rotor test: voltage 0-500Vac; current 0-630A; accuracy 0.5
  • No-load test: voltage 0-500Vac; current 0-630A; accuracy 0.5
  • Induction withstand voltage test
  • Distinguish three-phase resistance is balanced automatically; no-load current is balanced or not
  • The power, power factor and power frequency for locked-rotor and no-load testing.
  • The upper and lower limits of the motor parameters can be set, automatically determine whether the motor is qualified.
  • This tester has report forms printing function and storage test reports and standard parameter.
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