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Motor Coil Winding Machine

We also provide variety coil winding machines for different motors, such as wheel motor, generator, air purifier motor, treadmill motor, balance car motor, pump motor, washing machine motor, air conditioning compressor motor and so on.

Ceiling Fan Stator Coil Winding Machine

This coil winding machine is special for ceiling fan stators production.
It features winding displacement function and stepless motor control.

Main technical data
Machine code YC-RX-002
Suitable for wires 0.2-0.7mm
Thickness of winding 8-40mm
Power 0.75kW x 2
Output 250-300pcs/8hours

Table Fan Coil Winding Machine

This coil winding machine is used for automatically winding coils for various motors, such as industrial motors, air conditioner motors, washer motors, electrical fan motors, pump motors and so on.

Main technical data
Machine code ZH-RX-001
Suitable diameter of wires 0.1-1.5mm
Transfer distance Less than 180mm
Winding forming diameter Less than 250mm
Max. rotation speed 2500rpm
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
Motor power 1.5kW

Power Tools Stator Coil Winding Machine

This two-pole stator winding machine is a special equipment for two-pole stator (wide slot) winding. The coil winding machine is equipped with manual upper and lower molds, realizing automatic feeding, automatic winding, and automatic cutting and clamping lines. The mold has a self-locking function, which is fast, light and reliable.

Main technical data
Machine code TS-1A
Suitable wire diameter 0.15-1.3mm
Stator core ID 20-60mm
Stator core height 10-70mm
Stator poles Two
Stator core OD Ф50-Ф150mm
Number of turns 0-9999
Total power 4.5kW

Power Tools Rotor Coil Winding Machine

This automatic rotor winding machine is a double- flyer armature winding machine specially designed for the production of slot-type commutator rotors. It is suitable for winding medium and thick wire coils for rotors in high-speed.
This coil winding machine is widely used in DC winding of DC and series excitation motors.

Main technical data
Machine code TD-2B
Suitable wire diameter 0.2-1.2mm
Rotor diameter 20-90mm
Commentator diameter Ф8-Ф60mm
Rotor stack height 10-130mm
Number of turns 0-9999
Winding speed 0-2000rpm
Programs to be saved 0-99

Except for motor coil winding machines for normal industrial motors, we have all other related machines for motor stator processing:

Ceiling Fan Stator Insulation Paper Insertion Machine

This machine is for inserting insulation paper to slots of ceiling fan stators. Only stator core loading & unloading are manual, other process is automatic.
By changing related tools, different stators can be inserted.

Main technical data
Machine code YC-CZ-004
Suitable O.D 60-220mm
Suitable slots 8-36 slots
Suitable stack 8-160mm
Output 0.5-1.0 seconds/slot
Motor power 1HP

Stator Coil Inserting Machine

This machine will insert coils and slot papers into stator slots in one cycle automatically.

Main technical data
Model ZH- QX-003
Applicable stator ID 30-130mm
Stator stacking height 10-100mm
Max. number of slots 36
Production speed 20-30 seconds /pc
Control & driving PLC + HMI + servo motor
Electric power 4kW

Coil Rough Forming Machine

Coil rough forming machine is used for tidying the exterior of coil after insertion.

Main technical data
Machine code ZH-ZX-001
Min. stator ID 30mm
Max. stator OD 160mm
Suitable stator stacking height 20-120mm
Displacement of cylinder 30F
Power 3kW

Single Head Coil Lacing Machine

Coil lacing machine is used for lacing coils on both side of stators.

Main technical data
Machine code ZH-BX-001
Max. stator OD 190mm
Min. stator ID 30mm
Stator stack height 110mm
Lacing type Every slots or every two slots
Lacing speed 0.5-0.7 second/slot
Air pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
Electric motor power 1kW

Coil Finishing Forming Machine

This equipment is used to finish shaping coils, giving them a more precise dimension and a better appearance.

Main technical data
Machine code ZH-ZX-002
Applicable stator ID 30-130mm
Max. stator OD 200mm
Stator stacking height 15-150mm
Displacement of cylinder 20F
Electric motor power 2.5kW
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