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ZHP-135 Post-tension Pipe Forming Machine

Description of ZHP-135 Post-tension Pipe Forming Machine:
Being suitable for both indoor and site work, this post-tension pipe forming machine is perfect for producing round & oval corrugated pipes, which are widely used in expressway, bridge, train and large-span post-tension concrete project.

Technical Data of ZHP-135 Post-tension Pipe Forming Machine:

Item Specification
Post-tension pipe diameter 35-135mm
Raw material Galvanized steel, 0.2-0.4mm in thickness
Raw material width 35.4-36mm
Pitch of spiral 23mm
Seam lock type Double seam lock
Strip feeding speed 0-35m/min
Motor power for round duct forming machine 4kW
Motor power for oval duct forming machine 3kW
Total weight About 600kg
Dimension of round duct forming machine 1300×1800×1300mm
Dimension of oval duct forming machine 800×450×800mm

Finished Products:

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