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Large Diameter Culvert Tunnel Pipe Machine

Our large diameter culvert tunnel pipe machine is particularly developed for producing corrugated spiral steel pipes with large diameter. For high automation, the tunnel pipe machinery is equipped with PLC.

Technical Parameters of Large Diameter Culvert Tunnel Steel Pipe Machine

Item Specifications
Tube diameter 500-5000mm
Strip thickness 2.0-3.0mm carbon steel or galvanized steel
Strip width 300mm
Decoiler Hydraulic jaw expansion
Capacity of decoiler Max. 5000kg
Lock seam type of steel pipe Spiral seam lock
Corrugation size Width 76mm, height 25mm
Working speed 0-20m/min, continuous and adjustable
Cutting method Plasma cutting
Machine weight 10tons
Machine size(L×W×H) Main machine: 4500×1600×1400mm
Decoiler: 2500×1200×2000mm
Unloading rack: 2000×1600×1400mm
Total power 44.5kW
Control type PLC+HMI
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