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Lead-acid Battery Machine

Zhenhuan offers a wide range of lead-acid battery machines including battery grid casting machine, battery grid pasting machine, battery plate curing and drying machine, battery plate formation machine, plate cutting & brushing machine, battery assembly equipment, lead powder preparation machines, finished lead-acid battery activating & testing equipment. We are expert in the field of lead acid battery, enabling us to supply all machines related with battery manufacturing and assembling. In addition to delivering turnkey projects, Zhenhuan can also provide you with all-round after-sales service.

    1. Horizontal-cut Grid Casting Machine This horizontal-cut grid casting machine features a patent design, which can automatically melt lead ingot, cast and cut battery grids. This battery machine is designed with a lead melting pot with high capacity, ensuring smooth and quick lead feeding. It is capable of manufacturing various lead alloy grids.
    1. Paste Mixer Paste mixer is used for mixing paste in the lead-acid battery production. It’s designed with several automatic operations including lead powder feeding and weighing, acid and water weighing, quick paste mixing and lead paste storage.
    1. Lead-acid Battery Grid Pasting Machine Double-side lead-acid battery grid pasting machine features a patent design, which is used for pasting on both surfaces of lead-acid battery grids. It can finish grid feeding, grid pasting, water pouring, and acid pouring in one cycle automatically. A production output ranges from 80~140 grids per minute.
    1. Pasted Battery Plate Curing Chamber The curing chamber is designed with primary and assistant chambers, a separate steam generator, heat exchangers, a PID temperature controller, a PLC control system, a control cabinet, ventilators, etc.
    1. Lead-acid Battery Plate Surface Drying Oven This drying oven is used for drying pasted plate surface at super high speed, with productivity of 60~130 panels per minute. This battery plate drying equipment adopts steam as main heating source and electric heating as auxiliary source, which can quickly dry the surfaces of pasted battery plate.
    1. Battery Plates Enveloping & Stacking Machine This equipment for lead-acid batteries can automatically envelop battery plates, stack them and then match groups. All parameters for enveloping, stacking & group formation can be preset on HMI. These parameters can be saved and recalled for next time use. This machine is equipped with a dust collector.
    1. Plate Lug Cutting & Brushing Machine This integrated battery machine is designed for cutting and brushing plate lugs, and separating battery plates in a fully automatic manner. Single-plate and double-plate machines are optional according to your lead-acid battery size.
    1. Car Battery Cast On Strap (COS) Machine COS machine is also called as “Cast On Strap” machine, specially designed for group-welding poles of lead-acid batteries. ZHQC100 COS machine is our patent machine, comprised of pole group clamping & alignment, tab brushing, flux applying, cast welding and control system. Other operations are automatically carried out except for pole group loading & unloading.
    1. Lead-acid Battery Leakage Tester Adopting short-circuit testing method, this battery test equipment is applied to test leakage condition in the production of lead acid battery. It can automatically feed and test, reject and push out defective batteries. Testing speed: 80~100 batteries per hour
    1. Lead-acid Battery Heat Sealing Machine This lead-acid battery machinery is used for heat sealing the top cover to the battery container. It features PLC control and HMI operation, realizing automatic feeding, positioning, sealing and discharging. With high efficiency, it can seal 300 batteries per hour.
    1. Automatic Battery Terminal Welder This fully automatic battery machine is specially designed for welding positive and negative terminals of car lead-acid batteries. Battery terminal welding machine also includes terminal height detecting function. Those batteries with height error will be rejected automatically.