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Cut-to-length & Slitting Line

We are supplying various cut-to-length lines and slitting lines for steel service companies, cutting & slitting hot rolled coil, cold rolled coils, galvanized steel coils, pre-painted steel coils, aluminum, stainless steel, silicon steels, copper, etc. Our lines' capacity for cut-to-length line is from 0.3-25mm. Our lines' capacity for slitting line is from 0.3-16mm. We also provide steel coil related tools and equipment, such as steel coil grabs, steel coil wrapping machines, etc.

    1. High Speed Cut- to- length Line This high speed cut-to-length line consists of hydraulic loading car, double-head uncoiler, pre-leveler, fine-leveler, length gauge, shear, stacker, etc. It is used to cut the cold rolled coils into sheets in certain length.
    1. High Speed Slitting Line HRC slitting line is also available. (Max. thickness: 16mm.)
      Except this high speed slitting line, Zhenhuan also supplies sound quality roll forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, plasma cutting machine, welding machine etc. for global customers.
    1. Compact Metal Slitting Machine The compact metal slitting machine can be used for processing copper and aluminium into narrow strips with the minimum width of 4mm. The strip processed will be recoil automatically. In addition to the compact structure, the metal coil slitting equipment is well received because of the first class slitting quality.
    1. Coil Grab Coils grabs are usually divided into two kinds:Vertical Coil Grab and horizontal coil grab. You only need to give us your tonnage, and we will provide your desired grabs.
      Vertical coil grabs are widely used to lift, transport, shove, entruck, stack vertical steel coils, cooper coils, paper rollers, aluminum coils, wire coils and so forth.
    1. Steel Coil Wrapping Machine This wrapping machine can be used to packing various materials, such as laminated film or dampproof paper tape etc. After being wrapped, the products are good-looking, waterproof, anti-rust, which are easy to transport and store.