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Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Description of Steel Coil Wrapping Machine:
This wrapping machine can be used to packing various materials, such as laminated film or dampproof paper tape etc. After being wrapped, the products are good-looking, waterproof, anti-rust, which are easy to transport and store.

Features of Steel Coil Wrapping Machine:
1 PLC, inverter & encoder control
2 Touch screen, pre-set outer diameter, inner diameter, width
3 With error displaying function
4 The driving rollers are covered with polyurethane rubber
5 Auto labeling

Application of Steel Coil Wrapping Machine:
This wrapping machine is widely used for the external packing of various ring shape products, such as steel strip coils, disciform cables, tyres etc.

Technical Data of Steel Coil Wrapping Machine:

Item Specifications
Suitable steel coil width 10-300mm
Suitable steel coil outer diameter 500-1000mm
Suitable steel coil inner diameter 300-500mm
Width of wrapping material 70-90mm
Reel OD of wrapping material Max. 500mm
Wrapping speed Min. 3.2m/min
Max. steel coil weight 2000kg (Or customized)
Total motor power 4kW
Machine dimension About 1750×1200×1500mm
Machine weight About 700kg

Note: We can also produce customized steel coil wrapping machine based on the actual demand of the client.

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