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Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine

This Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine is specially-designed for welding filter tubes for any filtering purposes in chemicals, mining, environmental protection, as well as many other industries.

Features of Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine
1. This machine is of two-axle CNC control and servo motor drive, with high welding precision.
2. Two working methods (manual and auto) are available for you to choose from. Under auto method, you just have to input the relative data, and the machine will work automatically.
3. Very strong self-diagnose function, can display any mis-operation alarms; Alarming error is showed on the displayer.

Technical Data of Wedge Wire Filter Tube Welding Machine

Item Specifications
Screen mesh pipe diameter 60-600mm (60-1200mm)
Screen mesh pipe length Max. 6000mm
Wedge wire Stainless steel or carbon steel with the diameter of 1.5-5mm
Slot size 0.1-16mm
Welding precision ±0.03mm
Welding speed 6-30rpm
Arc welding transformer power AC 200kW
Driving motor power Servo motor 2kW×3 units
Tool changing speed Within 30 minutes
Machine dimension 11m×1.4m×2.5m
Machine weight About 5 tons

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