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H gilled boiler fin tube welding machine

Our H-gilled boiler fin tube welding machine is developed for manufacturing fin tube composed of single or twin pipes. The fin tube is widely used on the boilers. This fin tube welder consists of push trolley, pneumatic system, welding unit, and support frame.

Controlled by PLC, the H-gilled boiler fin tube welding machine offers semi-automatic production. The production process includes manual steel pipe feeding, manual fin tube unloading, manual fin loading, and automatic fin delivering. The fin spacing and length can be set up on the PLC. Importantly, the fin spacing for one tube can be varied.

Capacity of H-gilled Boiler Fin Tube Welding Machine

Item Specifications
Suitable H gilled fin tube length 1-15m
Suitable H gilled fin thickness 2-3mm
Suitable base steel pipe diameter 19-51mm
Applicable material Base tube Carbon steel Carbon steel Stainless steel
Fin Carbon steel Low-carbon steel alloy Stainless steel

Technical Parameters of H gilled Boiler Fin Tube Welding Machine

Item Specifications
Welding power source Intermediate frequency inverter, 160kVA×3
Welding transformer cooling method Compulsive water cooling
Silicon controlled rectifying diode ABB from Swiss, 12 pieces
Active welding electrode Be-Co-Cu alloy
Welding electrodes pressing force 2500N
Pneumatic cylinder for pressing & positioning Airtec from Taiwan
Annealing unit for welding section Annealing period is adjustable.
Welding speed < 4s (for 38.1mm base tube & 3mm fin)
Welding strength >50MPa or base tube torn
Width of welding seam Larger than fin thickness
Welded fin length tolerance (full length) ±1mm
Welded fin length tolerance(fractional) ±0.5mm
Fin pitch tolerance ±0.1mm
Pendicularity between fin and base tube ±1°
Height difference between fins ±0.2mm
Center distance between two tubes ±0.2mm (for twin-tube)

Photo of H gilled Boiler Square Fin Tube

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