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Dust Collector Bag Cage Welding Machine

As the name implies, the dust collector bag cage welding machine is particularly offered for manufacturing bag cage for dust collector. The welding machinery is quite popular home and abroad because of the stable performance.

In addition to the dust collector bag cage welder, the bag cage manufacturer also need the following machines for production, including round ring bending machine, round ring butt welding machine, spot-welder for top cap of dust collector bag cage, spot-welder for ring welding, spot-welder for bottom cap welding, spot-welder for Venturi tube welding.

Technical Parameters of Dust Collector Bag Cage Welding Machine

Item Specifications
Cage diameter 100-160mm or 100-200mm
Cage length 7.5m (or customized)
Applicable wire diameter 2-6mm (or customized)
Quantity of longitudinal wire 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 (14, 18, 22 optional)
Space between rings No limited
Welding transformer 80kVA×2
Rated input power 380V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz
Rated duty cycle 50%
One-time welding current Max. 500A (one-time welding), 254A (two-time welding), based on quantity of longitudinal wires
Cooling method Air cooling
Compressed air consumption About 0.3m3/min
Air pressure 0.7MPa
Dimension of main machine About 1200×1500×1500mm
Weight of main machine About 1000kg

Photos of Dust Collector Bag Cage Welding Machine and Other Related Machines

In addition to the standard product, we can also manufacture the welding equipment for the production of oval dust collector bag cage.

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