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Reinforcement Mesh Welding Machine

Main Technical Data of Reinforcement Mesh Welding Machine:

Item Specifications
Max. width of mesh 2600mm (or customized)
Diameter of steel bar 5-12mm
Gap between longitudinal bars >50mm, adjustable
Gap between woof bars >40mm, adjustable
Welding speed 40 times/min
Welding spots 32
Welding transformer 1000kVA
PLC & servo motor Internationally famous brand
Dimension of main welding machine 3500×1500×1800mm
Machine weight About 10 tons
Floor area 8×16m

Note: Special size can be ordered.

Components of Reinforcement Mesh Welding Machine:
It is comprised of loading rack for longitudinal bar (for straight bar feeding), welding machine, woof bar feeding device, mesh pulling and unloading device, PLC control system.

Features of Reinforcement Mesh Welding Machine:
1 Main welding machine is controlled by imported controllable silicon module.
2 Woof bar feeding device is capable of storing several hundred pieces woof bars, with automatic and accurate feeding.
3 Pulling and unloading device is the movement power of the mesh during welding. The hauling is accurate.
4 The size of longitudinal bar can be input on the tough panel directly.

Fence Mesh Welding Machine

Features of Fence Mesh Welding Machine:
1. This mesh welding machine is of full automatic, PLC control.
2. The space between longitudes is adjustable before welding.
3. The space between each woof can be preset in the PLC.

Application of Fence Mesh Welding Machine:
It is specially designed for welding fence mesh, which is used in rail, express, bridge and buildings etc. In addition, this machine is also suitable for producing warehouse meshes.

Main Technical Data of Fence Mesh Welding Machine:

Item Specifications
Applicable wire diameter 2.5-6mm
Welding aperture 25×25mm to 200×200mm
Width of fence mesh Max. 2500mm
Length of fence mesh Max. 5000mm
Number of welding spots 48
Welding speed 30 times/min
Driving motor power 4.0kW
Welding transformer 480kVA
PLC & inverter Internationally famous brand
Machine size 8480×3160×1700mm (can be loaded in one 20' container)
Machine weight About 4.2 ton

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