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3D Panel Welding Machine

Product Description of 3D Panel Welding Machine:
This 3D panel welding machine is used to produce structural reinforced concrete panel, also called "3-D" panel. This three-dimensional panel usually adopts 50mm thick uninflammable polystyrene panel as core. One side or both sides of the panel are covered with steel wire welded mesh. Steel wire truss pierces through the polystyrene core completely.

Product Features of 3D Panel Welding Machine:
As a new-style wall panel material with many perfect performances, this panel offers lightweight, easy & quick installation, energy saving, thermal insulation, sound insulation, damp proofness etc.

Components of 3D Panel Welding Machine:
It is comprised of plain mesh welding machine, 3D mesh frame welding machine, steel wire winding machine, wire straightening & cutting machine, air compressor & storage tank, hand spot welder for repairing.

Main Technical Data of 3D Panel Welding Machine:
1. Automatic plain mesh welding machine

This machine adopts electrical & electronics synchronous control technology. Both welding time and separate-control welding are controlled by digital integrated circuit. It is equipped with precise web cutting & positioning device which ensures uniform length and regular edges.

Wire diameter 1.5-2.8mm Welding speed 45 times per minute
Grid dimension 50*50mm-200*200mm Rated power 75kVA
Mesh width 1200mm Dimension 2.5x2.1x1.4m
Number of warp 24* Weight 2.5T

Note: * 25 warps are optional.

2. 3D mesh frame welding machine (truss welding machine)
This machine is PLC control, controlled on touch screen, driven by pneumatic and step motor. It can produce 3-D panel full automatically.

Rated power 75kVA
Input voltage AC380V, 50Hz*
Air source allocated 3m3/min, 0.6MPa
Suitable materials EPS/XPS panel 30mm-100mm thick, uninflammable
Truss wire Single/double plain mesh, different density of truss wire; Wire diameter 2.0-3.0mm
Plain mesh 52mm x 50mm or 50mm x 50mm
Production scale Standard size: 3000mm x 1220mm (LxW)** About 300,000-350,000 square meters per year
Weld missing rate Less than 5%
Welding strength more than 330N
Overall dimension Length x Width x Height 13.5 x 1.8 x 1.7m
Weight   4000kg

Note: * Electric power supply can be specially ordered.
** Machine for bigger size 6000mm x 1220mm is optional.

3. Wire straightening & cutting machine
Cutting motor power 1.5kW, suitable max. wire diameter 4mm.
4. Steel wire winding machine
Motor power 1.5kW, max. wire diameter 4mm.
5. Air compressor & storage tank
Flux: 3m3/min, pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa, motor power 9kW, storage tank capacity 1m3.
6. Manual spot welding machine: electric power 75kVA.
7. Wire decoiler: passive drive, capacity 2000kg
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