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Motor Making Machine

Our company has been committed to developing and producing motor making machines for many years. As an experienced motor making machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a great variety of motor making machines, especially for HV motors manufacturing machines, such as high voltage motor coil winding machine, coil taping machine, coil spreading forming machine, hot coil press, vacuum pressure impregnation equipment, as well as stator rotor lamination notching machine, winding machine and welding machine, etc.

We are experts in the field of motor machines and we can provide you all machines in manufacturing and assembling, as well as professional turnkey project, relevant advices and dedicated after-sale service for you.

    1. HV Motor Coil Winding Machine HV motor coil winding machines are specially designed for vertically winding flat conductors into super big size coils in a spindle-shaped configuration for high voltage motors. Our coil winder is equipped with several conductor pay-off devices, capable for single conductor or multi-conductors winding. Parallel winding is also feasible.
    1. HV Motor Coil Spreading Machine We provide HV motor coil spreading machine for spreading & forming spindle-shaped coils from coil winding machine into exact shapes that are easy to insert into the stator slots of big size motors.
    1. HV Motor Coil Taping Machine HV Motor Coil Taping Machine is special for taping insulation tapes to motor stator coils automatically. This motor coil taping machine is easy to operate; the tape head is suspended and follows the conductor. Suspending height and angle are adjustable.
    1. Hydraulic Coil Hot Press Hydraulic coil hot press is used for fine size fixing and solidifying motor coils in large sizes, achieved by 6 auxiliary hydraulic oil cylinders, two sets expanding modules and imitate coil mould.
    1. Axial Flux Stator Stamping & Winding Machine Comparing to radial flux motor, axial flux motor has more compact structure, higher efficiency and bigger power density, widely used for new-energy vehicles, elevator industry and wind power generation industry.
    1. Automotive Alternator Stator Slinky Winding Machine Automotive alternator stator slinky winding machine is specially designed for spiral winding notched electric silicon steel strip into stator cores for automotive alternators and electric wheel hub motors, etc.
    1. Automatic Stator Rotor Lamination Stacking Machine Automatic stator rotor lamination stacking machine is installed after lamination punching press. This kind of stacking machine can collect and stack each lamination from punching press, keep them ordered on ID, OD and slots.
    1. Laminations Core Welding Machine This laminations core welding machine is suitable for welding stacked stator lamination cores.
      There are six welding torches that can freely adjustable, capable for both straight seam and inclined seam welding.
    1. Motor Coil Winding Machine We also provide variety coil winding machines for different motors, such as wheel motor, generator, air purifier motor, treadmill motor, balance car motor, pump motor, washing machine motor, air conditioning compressor motor and so on.
    1. Motor Test Bench System This is an integrated test bench for fully automatic testing of AC asynchronous motors, with a fast testing speed and comprehensive testing capabilities.
      All of the testing can be completed in a single cycle.