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HV Motor Coil Winding Machine

HV motor coil winding machines are specially designed for vertically winding flat conductors into super big size coils in a spindle-shaped configuration for high voltage motors. Our coil winder is equipped with several conductor pay-off devices, capable for single conductor or multi-conductors winding. Parallel winding is also feasible.

Main features
  • Constant tension winding, perfect finished coil terminal shape and size
  • Pay-off devices are equipped with magnetic brake, auto detecting the diameter of conductor coils
  • Available with tail conductor tension adjustment function
  • Even if the conductor is cut for the last coil, tension of the waiting conductor is kept for next coil
  • High automation, auto feeding, winding, counting and cutting
  • PLC control, HMI operation, parameters such as winding turns, winding speed, shutter center distance, lead length, winding tension, etc. can be preset, saved and recalled for next time use
  • High precision, conductor feeding is driven by the servo motor
Main technical data
Item Data
Machine model ZWTT-2000 (other models available)
Applicable coil length (L1) 450~5000mm
Applicable shutter center distance (L2) 400~4900mm
Applicable coil section width (A) 2~24mm
Applicable coil section height (B) 10~80mm
Applicable single conductor width 2~10mm
Applicable single conductor thickness 1~8mm
Lead length range 50~500mm
Shutter diameter 10, 15, 20mm (two sets each size)
Magnetic braking pay-off device 6 units
Parallel winding conductor number Max. 2
Winding mandrel speed 0~50rpm
Max. Load of winding mandrel 1200kg
Winding turns Max. 9999
Working center height 1150mm
Pay-off damping moment 10~100N·m (adjustable)
Total electric power 11kW
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