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Axial Flux Stator Stamping & Winding Machine

Comparing to radial flux motor, axial flux motor has more compact structure, higher efficiency and bigger power density, widely used for new-energy vehicles, elevator industry and wind power generation industry.

Axial flux stator stamping & winding machine is essential for producing axial flux motors. It can feed, notch, and wind electrical silicon steel into disk type stator with axial air gaps.
High slot precision is guaranteed by using a fixed rotation angle winding with a random compensating method, regardless of silicon steel thickness error.

Main features
  • Winding index adopts high accurate gears and an appropriative servo system, result in high precision
  • Slot punching from the bottom, resulting in less shock and more stable running.
  • PLC control, HMI operation, simple and convenient
  • Servo motor driving for both indexing and winding, steady and reliable
  • With fault alarming and self-diagnosing function
  • Optional automatic welding function
Main technical data
Item Data
Normal notching force 25kN
Max. thickness of lamination 0.5mm
Max. notching speed 300 times/min
Applicable slot numbers 30-140
Lamination strip width Less than 80mm
Max. stator OD 400mm (customized)
Min. stator ID 80mm
Pay-off stand drum diameter 450-510mm
Max. silicon steel coil OD 1100mm
Compressed air pressure 0.6MPa
Total motor power 8kW
Dimension (L x W x H) 6700 x 1600 x 1700mm
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