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Motor Stator Rotor Lamination Notching Press

CNC Notching Press Machine

This series CNC notching press machines are initiated by us, which are designed to automatically notch electrical silicon steel into stator and rotor laminations.

Our internal positioning design allows notching stator with rotor simultaneously. And stator lamination will be cut off in the same time.

Main features
  • High precision, servo control indexing
  • Servo-controlled notching, which is smooth, low-impact, and has a longer notching die life.
  • Simple notching slide structure with no flying wheel, clutch, worm, etc., resulting in fewer fault spots.
  • A three-cylinder support device ensures precise notching of large diameter laminations.
  • Interval notching function, possible for unequal slots
  • No gear changing, direct setting parameters on HMI
  • The servo index includes features such as power-off memory, auto-return to origin, and first-slot adjusting.
Main technical data
Name CCM-100 CCM-160 CCM-200
Normal force (kN) 100 160 200
Lamination diameter (mm) Φ90-1300 Φ300-1500 Φ300-1800
Lamination thickness (mm) 1.5 2.0 2.0
Notching speed (times/min) 180-700 180-600 180-600
Slide stroke (mm) 20 16 16
Max. closing height (mm) 210 220 220
Closing height adjustment (mm) 25 35 40
Suitable number of slots 1-999 1-999 1-999
Indexing precision (mm) ±0.02
Center height (mm) 870
Air source (MPa) 0.4
Dimension (L x W x H mm) 2570x1000x2150 2770x960x2240 2970×960×2240
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