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Hydraulic Coil Hot Press

Hydraulic coil hot press is used for fine size fixing and solidifying motor coils in large sizes, achieved by 6 auxiliary hydraulic oil cylinders, two sets expanding modules and imitate coil mould.

Main features
  • High precision constant temperature heating, presetting temperature, time and pressure
  • Simple structure, convenient operation, center distance and angle can be adjusted freely
  • Hydraulic clamping, more stable
  • PLC control, HMI operation
Main technical data
Item Data
Machine model WHD-1500 (customized)
Applicable motor coil length Max. 1500mm
Applicable motor coil span width 220-900mm
Applicable motor coil angle 0~120°
Applicable motor coil section 7~30mm width x 20~70mm height
Applicable motor coil weight Max. 200kg
Working table overturning speed 4.5~12 seconds
Heating tube length 1500mm
Heating power 15kW
Heating temperature Max. 200℃
Hydraulic station motor power 2.2kW
Working cycle time 5~15 minutes
Angle fixing accuracy ±0.5°
Machine dimension 2150 x 1200 x 1400mm
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