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Wire Bending Machines

There are many kinds of rings, hooks, loops, buckles, chains, clips, clamps, springs for various purpose for civil and industrial purpose. We can provide relative machines for them, such as ring/hook makings, CNC spring coiling machines, buckle making machines, clothes hanger making machines, hanger hook making machines, clips or clamps making machines, Wheel Rim Round Bending Machines, chain making machines, etc. By adopting advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan and using precision parts and control system, our machine can produce those products accurately.

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Related Names
Mechanical Wire Bending Machine | Mechanical Wire Bender | CNC Wire Bending Machine

    1. Stamping and Forming Machine, Hose Clamp Making Machine This stamping and forming machine is specially designed for producing hose clamps automatically. It can automatically feed strip and punch hole on leg.By changing forming die, hose clamps with different sizes can be produced.
    1. CNC Hose Clamp Machine We have several models of CNC hose clamp making machine used for various hose clamps, including wire hose clamps and plate hose clamps.
    1. Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine Thanks to the PLC and HMI for the automatic clothes hanger making machine, the operation of the steel wire hanger making machine is quite convenient and easy.
      The hanger mould is changeable for the production of clothes hanger in different shapes. Users can grasp the skill for equipment adjustment easily.
    1. Hangar Hook Bending Machine This hangar hook bending machine combines the functions of hook forming and hook end threading together. Generally one end is threaded, and the other end has two shapes (one shape is bended, the other is cold headed). Different shape and different heading treatment can be achieved by changing moulds.
    1. Ring Bending Machine Full hydraulic drive, stepless speed changing
      Imported hydraulic components: such as hydraulic engine from Denmark; motor, oil pump and electromagnetic valves from Taiwan; encoder from Japan.
      Numerical display plus encoder for setting length and cutting automatically
    1. Wire Frame Bending Machine The wire frame bending machine utilizes pneumatic power in order to bend wires into different frames. It features four bending heads with adjustable positions for different frame sizes. Each bending head is separately controlled with adjustable bending angles. Four angles allow for a one-step formation, and operation is easily done with just a foot switch.
    1. Bucket Handle Bending Machine Hydraulic drive: one hydraulic motor for all the operations, energy-saving
      Main hydraulic components like motor, pump and valves are all from Taiwan.
      Feeding, straightening and forming rollers are made by good alloy steel, heat treated HRC 58-62
      Forming moulds are Cr12, quenched
    1. Automatic Chain Making Machine Auto feeding & straightening, auto forming
      Numerical control, quantity of links can be pre-set
      Easy operation, convenient mould change
    1. Fan Guard Making Machine Our fan guard making machine is mainly used for producing radial type electric fan guards (covers), both front and back. The electric fan guard production line is composed of radial wire auto welding machine, mid ring welding machine, outer ring welding machine, ring forming machine, butt welding machine, hydraulic press, wire bending machine for handles, handle welding machine, edge trimming machine, and so on.
    1. CNC Spring Coiling Machine Thanks to the high precision detection device, the CNC spring coiling machine will stop automatically in case unqualified spring is detected.
      Both the outer diameter and the angel of spring can be revised in real time according to the working condition displayed on HMI.
    1. Hook and Eye Machine Our hook and eye machine is produced using advanced technology from Japan, with high speed and good working efficiency.
      It is equipped with auto feeding and straightening device, and can automatically stop when there is fault.
    1. Bra Ring Bending Machine The bra ring bending machine adopts one-way bearing imported from Japan for feeding roller.
      The feeding length and bra ring radius can be adjusted conveniently and freely.
      With good elasticity, the finished bra ring has round head.
    1. CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine High speed, each bending process cost 1.0-1.5 second
      Heavy bending capacity for wire up to 10mm diameter (customized)
      This CNC wire bending machine is equipped with servo motor and air compressor as driven power to instead hydraulic pressure, thus keeping the machine clear and easy to maintain.
    1. Barrel Hoop Forming Machine Taking the steel belt with specific width as the raw material, the barrel hoop forming machine is specially offered to produce circular product, such as barrel hoop, wheel rim, and so on. Employing hydraulic forming and shearing technology, the barrel hoop making machine is capable of manufacturing the product in different diameters.
    1. Other Wire Bending Machines As an experienced wire bending machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can offer a great line of wire bending machines for you to choose from. These machines can be used to make products of different sizes and shapes, like buckles, hooks, frames, and so on. Give us the shape, the size and wire diameter, we will give you the exact wire bending machine you want!