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Bucket Handle Bending Machine

This machine can be used for automatic forming of bucket handles with plastic tubes.

Features of Bucket Handle Bending Machine
1) Hydraulic drive: one hydraulic motor for all the operations, energy-saving
2) Main hydraulic components like motor, pump and valves are all from Taiwan.
3) Feeding, straightening and forming rollers are made by good alloy steel, heat treated HRC 58-62
4) Forming moulds are Cr12, quenched
5) Automatic length feeding, the feeding length is easy to preset when forming different handles.
6) Bucket handles of different size and shape can be achieved by changing moulds.

Configuration of Bucket Handle Bending Machine
1) PLC: Mitsubishi from Japan
2) Main electric components: Schneider from China joint venture
3) Servo motor: Xinje brand from China

Main Technical Data of Bucket Handle Bending Machine

Item Specifications
Hydraulic motor power 5.75kW
Power supply 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
Suitable steel wire diameter 1-5.0mm
Suitable bucket capacity Customized
Production speed 20pcs/min
Machine dimension About 2100× 2150×780mm
Machine weight About 1200kg
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