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Barrel Hoop Forming Machine

Taking the steel belt with specific width as the raw material, the barrel hoop forming machine is specially offered to produce circular product, such as barrel hoop, wheel rim, and so on. Employing hydraulic forming and shearing technology, the barrel hoop making machine is capable of manufacturing the product in different diameters.

Technical Parameters of Barrel Hoop Forming Machine

Item Specifications
Applicable material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Applicable steel strip width 15-52mm
Applicable steel strip thickness 0.8-2.0mm
Barrel hoop diameter 60-1000mm
Strip feeding speed 4m/min
Roll forming stations 5-6 steps
Roller material GCr15, quenched, HRC 58-62
Main drive motor power 4kW
Power supply 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
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