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CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine

Main Features
1. High speed, each bending process cost 1.0-1.5 second
2. Heavy bending capacity for wire up to 10mm diameter (customized)
3. This CNC wire bending machine is equipped with servo motor and air compressor as driven power to instead hydraulic pressure, thus keeping the machine clear and easy to maintain.
4. With friendly operation interface, easy to programme, push the button to achieve completed complex bending process
5. With CNC 3D control system, AC servo motor driven, to ensure production has same good quality.

Main Technical Data of CNC 3D Wire Bending Machine

Item Specifications
NT80-7A NT100-7A
Applicable wire diameter 600N/mm2 Φ2-Φ8mm Φ4-Φ10mm
1200N/mm2 Φ2-Φ5mm Φ4-Φ6mm
1900N/mm2 Φ2-Φ4mm Φ4-Φ5mm
Quantity of feeding reel 3 units 4 units
Wire bending angle Limitless Limitless
Platform lifting height +25mm to -120mm +25mm to -120mm
Lifting height of head for wire twisting +25mm to -180mm +25mm to -180mm
Lifting speed 15m/min 15m/min
Distance between cutting shaft and head for angle bending 105-210mm, fixed 105-405mm, adjustable
Distance between head for angle bending and machine body 400-700mm(fixed) 400-900mm, adjustable
CNC axis quantity 7 axis 7 axis
Machine dimension 3500×1200×1500mm 3500× 1070×1200mm
Machine weight About 3500kg About 4800kg
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