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CNC Spring Coiling Machine

The CNC spring coiling machine can be construction with two axis, three axis, four axis and six axis. Therefore, it is suitable to produce different kinds of springs with our spring making machine.

1.This spring coiling machine is suitable for compression spring, tension spring and torsional spring.
2.This machine is highly recommended to make small springs with various wire thickness.
3.The CNC spring coiler is made up of three servo motors (feed motor, cam motor and Pitch motor), and CNC control system, making it suitable for various high precision springs.
4.The main machine parts are made of high abrasion resistant material.

Technical Parameters of CNC Spring Coiling Machine

Item CK8 CK325 CK335 CK345
Applicable wire thickness(mm) 0.1-0.8 0.5-2.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-4.5
Max. outer spring diameter(mm) 20 42 70 70
Max. feeding speed(m/min) 150 135 127 127
Wire feeding servo motor(kW) 1.0 2.7 4.4 5.5
Machine dimension(mm) 980x860x1600 1280x900x1650 1700x1500x1850 1800x1500x1850
Machine weight(kg) 390 750 1350 1600
Power supply 380V, 3phase, 50Hz or as required

There are many other kinds of high-speed spring coiling machine for your selection. In addition, customized service is warmly welcomed.

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