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Radial Wire Fan Guard Machines

Our fan guard making machine is mainly used for producing radial type electric fan guards (covers), both front and back. The electric fan guard production line is composed of radial wire auto welding machine, mid ring welding machine, outer ring welding machine, ring forming machine, butt welding machine, hydraulic press, wire bending machine for handles, handle welding machine, edge trimming machine, and so on.

Main Technical Data of Radial Wire Fan Guard Making Machines

Item Specifications
Fan guard size 8"-23" (or customized)
Radial wire number No limit
Suitable radial wire diameter 1.0-1.8mm
Outer ring wire diameter 3-4mm
Middle ring wire diameter 1.5-3mm

Note: Here is the configuration for the machine with the productivity of 1000 fan guards per shift (8-hour):
1) Two inner ring welding machines
2) One outer ring welding machine
3) One middle ring welding machine
4) One ring bending machine
5) One ring butt welding machine
6) One hydraulic press

Spiral Wire Fan Guard Machine

Our fan guard making machine is also capable of machining spiral wire fan guards. This production line consists of spot welding machine, outer ring welder, as well as spiral wire looping and welding machine. Amongst these devices, the last one is independently developed by our own in-house team and is a fully automated mechanism which comes with a PLC system. Moreover, the fan guard making machine delivers higher productivity than ever before.

Technical Parameters of Spiral Wire Fan Guard Machines

Item Specifications
Suitable spiral wire fan guard shape Flat and bowl shapes
Suitable spiral wire fan guard size 12"-36" (or customized)
Suitable spiral wire diameter 2-5mm
Welding transformer capacity 125kW
Production speed 40-50pcs per hour (at 30")
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