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Automatic Chain Making Machine

Description of Automatic Chain Making Machine:
By changing different moulds, this machine can form various kinds of chains in different wire diameter & link pitch.

Features of Automatic Chain Making Machine:
1 Auto feeding & straightening, auto forming
2 Numerical control, quantity of links can be pre-set
3 Easy operation, convenient mould change

Technical Data of Automatic Chain Making Machine:

Code Wire diameter (mm) Max. single link perimeter (mm) Production speed (links per minute) Motor power (kW) Feeding Rollers
CBM4 1.5-4.0 100 40-50 0.75 1 set
CBM6 2.0-6.0 120 40-50 1.5 2 sets
CBM8 4.0-8.0 150 35-40 2.2 2 sets
CBM10 5.0-10.0 160 25-35 3.0 2 sets

Note: Speical sizes can be ordered.
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