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HVAC Duct Forming Machine

As a noted forming machine supplier in China, we can provide a variety of HVAC duct forming machines, including spiral duct forming machine, gorelocker, aluminum flexible duct machine, pittsburgh lock forming machine, and more. Being widely used, our HVAC duct forming machines have achieved a high level in quality, function as well as appearance. Some of our products are made by imported materials and adopt PLC control system, resulting in higher precision and reliability. Additionally, various HVAC duct forming machines can be configured according to your detailed requirements.

Welcome to use Zhenhuan HVAC duct forming machines!

    1. Spiral Duct Forming Machine Special mould for various diameters, very easy to change and adjust, crane or too much manpower are not needed
      Large diameter range
      High speed synchro flying cutting system
      PLC touch screen control, convenient operation
    1. Gorelocker This Gorelocker (also called as elbow making machine) is designed for producing round elbows in ventilation & air conditioning system.
      Elbow diameter: 125-1000mm
      Max. segment angle: 30 degree, 4 pieces for 90 degree elbow
    1. Aluminum Flexible Duct Machine This aluminum flexible duct forming machine is specially designed for producing aluminum flexible ducts with aluminum foil or metalized PET film with steel wire reinforced for ventilation purpose.
      Diameter of aluminum flexible duct: 80-600mm
      Length of aluminum flexible duct: 1-10m
    1. Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine Raw material thickness: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, 0.5-1.2mm
      Drive motor power: 1.5kW
      Weight: About 210kg
      Dimension: 1040×600×1100mm
    1. Flange Forming Machine The T-12 TDF flange forming machine is generally used for manufacturing steel plate with flange for square and rectangular ventilation duct system. The flange size can be customized. In addition, this product can also be used for producing fastener for square and rectangular duct system. Compact and movable, our product is quite convenient for use.
    1. Square Duct Production Line III The production line III mainly consists of electric decoiler, leveling & grooving device, hydraulic notching & punching device, hydraulic shearer and hydraulic folder. The precision and reliability of this Square Duct Production Line III is guaranteed by using a computer with a closed-loop servo-system in the electrical control system. Various production lines can be configured according to your detailed requirements.
    1. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Adopting ball screw plus servo motor driving system, this table type plasma cutting machine has a very high cutting speed and accuracy. So the cutting machine is especially suitable for making elbows, joints for HVAC round and square duct system. In addition, we can manufacture any CNC plasma cutting machine to meet your special requirements.