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TPC-2015(BS) CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Description of TPC-2015(BS) CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:
Adopting ball screw plus servo motor driving system, this table type plasma cutting machine has a very high cutting speed and accuracy. So the cutting machine is especially suitable for making elbows, joints for HVAC round and square duct system. In addition, we can manufacture any CNC plasma cutting machine to meet your special requirements.

Main Configuration of TPC-2015(BS) CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:
1 CNC control system: Micro EDGE from Hypertherm USA
2 Servo motor: Panasonic (or other brands) from Japan
3 Decelerators: two sets, NEUGUET from Germany
4 Plasma power: Power MAX600 from Hypertherm, USA
5 High precision linear rail: ABBA from Taiwan
6 Ball bearing screw from Taiwan
7 Height adjusting motor: from Taiwan
8 Arc-pressure height adjusting system: SENSOR THC from Hypertherm
9 15” LCD from domestic
10 Fast CAM nesting software and FastShape duct expanding software from Australia

Technical Data of TPC-2015(BS) CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:

Item Specification
Workable width 2000mm
Effective cutting width 1500mm
Workable length 4000mm
Effective cutting length 3000mm
Plasma power Max. 600, Hypertherm from USA
Cutting thickness 0.5-3mm
Max. cutting speed 15m/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.1mm
Driving motor power 3kW

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