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Transformer Radiator Fin Plate Forming and Welding Line

Our transformer radiator fin plate forming and welding line take advantage of the technology from Germany GEORG and Canadian MTM. It is designed mainly to manufacture fin plate of different widths (520 or 535mm, 480mm, 320 or 310mm) with high efficiency. This forming and welding line is made of automatic decoiler, roll forming machine, two-piece joining device, multi-head spot welding machine, double-side seam welding machine, terminal welding machine, double-side edge trimming machine, terminal cutting machine, as well as other related devices like transmitting belt and PLC control system.

Size changing on the roll forming machine is driven by hydraulic system, whereas other machines and transmitting belts are manually adjusted. The central distance should exceed 1200mm if this equipment operates in a fully automatic manner. Thus, the workpiece needs to be manually fed into each welding machine if the distance is less than 1200mm.

Production Flow
Loading material → automatic decoiling → roll forming → automatic joining (two pieces) → spot welding → double-side seam welding → terminal seam welding → double-side edge trimming → terminal cutting → unloading finished fin plate

Technical Specifications
1. Width of fin plate: 320mm or 310mm, 480mm 520mm or 535mm
2. Central distance: 500-4000mm (When the distance is less than 1200mm, the automatic production method is not enabled.)
3. Central distance error: ± 1.0mm
4. Single piece bearing pressure: positive pressure ≥ 0.15MPa; negative pressure≥133Kpa. (No deformation)
5.Oil clearance: If material thickness is 1.0mm, the oil clearance should exceed 11mm
If the thickness is 1.2mm, the oil clearance should be more than 11.5 mm
6. Quantity of oil channels:
1) 3 oil channels are available for producing fin plate of 310 or 320mm width;
2) 5 oil channels are provided to manufacture 480mm width fin plate;
3) 6 oil channels are supplied if the width is 520 or 535mm
7. Suitable raw material: ST12, SPCC, DC01 cold rolled steel
8. Material thickness: 1.0-1.2mm
9. Coil width:
1) 335mm for fin plate width of 320mm
2) 495mm for fin plate width of 480mm
3) 535mm for fin plate width of 520mm
4) 550mm for fin plate width of 535mm

Main Technical Date of Fin Plate Forming and Welding Line
1. Capacity of the line: if the workpiece length is 2000mm, this fin plate forming and welding line can process more than 35 pieces per hour.
2. Side seam welding speed is in excess of 3.5m/min.
3. Roll forming speed: 6.4m/min
4. Spot welding speed: 1.5m/min (one-row welding). The productivity ratio will be increased by more than 70% when shifting to two-row welding.
5. Operators: 2~3
6. Total power: about 640kVA
7. Total length: about 47m

Product Samples

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