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Vacuum Annealing Furnace

This annealing furnace is specially designed for releasing inner stress inside wound CRGO cores and decreasing their iron loss.
It is inner-heating, vacuum, nitrogen-cooling, front load type with trolley.

The temperature controlling system can be PID or PLC+PID, intellectualized control.

Main Technical Data of CRGO Wound Core Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Item Specifications
Effective dimension inside(L×W×H) 2200mm×1000mm×1100mm
Max. loading capacity About 5 tons
Max. heating temperature 950℃
Working temperature 780-820℃
Heating power 120kW
Temperature control method PID/PLC
Temperature control precision ±2℃
Inside temperature evenness ±5℃
Furnace surface temperature rise 35℃ plus ambient temperature
Cooling fan motor power 7.5kW
Ultimate vacuum 20Pa
Vacuum leak 50Pa/h
Cooling water consumption 10-12t/h (water pressure 0.4MPa)

Note: Other type annealing furnaces are also available

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