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Amorphous Transformer Machine

This amorphous transformer is newly developed with amorphous core which has no-load loss 20% less than conventional CRGO cores!
We can provide complete machines for producing amorphous transformers, and technology support as well.

I Amorphous Cutting Machine

This amorphous cutting machine is specially designed for automatic cutting and stacking amorphous strips for cores.
This line adopts PLC control, servo drive, touch screen operation and high precision mechanical transmitting mechanisms, thereby ensuring high automation, high productivity and high reliability.
It is particularly suitable for processing 3-phase-3-column big amorphous alloy cores.

Main Technical Data of Amorphous Cutting Machine

Model FJJ-2000 FJJ-5000
Amorphous core height 150-850mm 150-2000mm
Amorphous core width 30-450mm 50-1500mm
Amorphous core thickness 25-130mm 25-150mm
Amorphous strip width 140-230mm
Cutting length 300-3000mm 300-5000mm
Cutting thickness Max. 15 layers. Each layer is 0.025mm in thickness.
Cut-to-length precision ±0.5mm
Cutting angle precision ±0.05 degree
Stacking precision ±0.5mm
Feeding speed 5-80m/min
Cutting speed 0-30 times per minute 0-20 times per minute
Electric power supply 10kW
Air consumption 0.3m3/min
Machine floor area 12×2×2.2m 15×2×2.2m

II Vacuum Annealing Furnace

This annealing furnace is specially designed for annealing amorphous cores.

Separate temperature control system (PID), 30-section programmable temperature controller, with over-temperature shut-off and over-temperature alarming functions.
Each phase of heating tube has 200A fuse and three current meters, separate control switch Equipped with 6 temperature sensors with numerical displaying, one for body itself, five for detecting product
Furnace is filled with nitrogen gas. Start/stop filling is controlled by electromagnetic valve which is PLC programable.

Technical Parameters of Annealing Furnace

Item Specifications
Overall dimension 2250×1900×2360mm
Annealing room size 1500×1500×1700mm
Max. temperature 450℃
Rated power 78kW, 3-phase
Heating duration Less than 3 hours
Temperature evenness ±10℃
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