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Vacuum Resin Casting Equipment

1. Our vacuum resin casting equipment is applicable for epoxy resin casting bushings, HV switch insulators, arc-distinguish coils, current transformers, potential transformers, dry-type transformers, as well as other electric apparatus.
2. This machine is able to carry out with-stuffing and without-stuffing casting.
3. Under the vacuum condition, it is ideal for degassing, mixing, and casting high polymer materials like bisphenol-A, polyurethane, outdoor epoxy resin, and the like.
4. This vacuum resin casting equipment is quite flexible. It can process mixed material with stuffing added by user, but also is suitable for double-component pre-mixed stuffing.
5. The components of this casting machine are modularly built. Hence, these components can be added or reduced according to user's requirements.
6. This machine features easy operation, high automation, as well as convenient installation.

Main Advantages
A. Perfect vacuum system: The whole casting process is performed under the vacuum condition.
B. Reliable metering system: Two metering methods are offered on the basis of different processing requirements.
1. Feeding pump + electronic scale (for casting with stuffing)
2. Metering pump + static mixer (for casting various products)
C. Advanced and safe heating technology
1. Mixing tank is heated uniformly by heating oil and the temperature will be controlled perfectly.
2. Casting tank is heated directly by electric heating plate.
D. Advanced & reliable metering and control system: Our vacuum resin casting equipment is controlled by computer. Those key processes and processes which are easy to be mis-operated are controlled by computer interlocking technology. By using of the computer, the process revising, process curve recording, and process parameter adjusting can be achieved conveniently. Additionally, the whole metering and vacuum control system can be pre-adjusted.

Equipment Classification
1. Basic type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment
2. Dynamic mixing type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment
3. Static mixing type vacuum (pressure) casting equipment

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