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Metal Spinning and Flanging Machine

Zhenhuan has served the metal spinning and related metal forming industries for many years. As a prominent metal spinning machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we have offered numerous customers high quality products at competitive prices. In order to meet customers various requirements, we provide a vast line of spinning machines, including cylinder spinning machine, pulley spinning machine, fan parts spinning machine, and more. With the features of reliable quality, high efficiency, easy operation and low maintenance, our spinning machines are widely accepted by customers around the world.

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    1. Dished End Flanging Machine As the name suggests, this dished end flanging machine is designed for producing various kinds of dished ends through two steps, such as elliptical type, fleet dish type, conical type, spherical type, and so on. It is comprised of two machines: drum pressing machine and flanging machine.
    1. Oval Tank Head Flanging Machine Our flanging machine is equipped with a copying system which is ideally suitable for flanging oval tank heads or any other special shaped tank heads. These tank heads are commonly used in liquid tank trucks.
    1. Metal Spinning Machine Full automatic, CNC control, the running track, speed and directions of spinning wheel, as well as the spindle speed are controlled by program, easy to operate.
      Siemens control system and humanized interface make it convenient to modify the programs.
    1. CNG Cylinder Spinning Machine As a professional supplier, we are in the position to provide complete production line for manufacturing CNG cylinders, including automatic loading & unloading device, medium-frequency pre-heating device, hot spinning machine, conveyor, bottom pressing device, cylinder mouth threading device, cylinder inner wall shot blasting device, cylinder shoulder marking device, etc.
    1. Axial Fan Part Spinning Machine Our pulley spinning equipment has two functions, namely center bearing hubs flow forming, and blank material folding and multi-grooves spinning. The horizontal pulley spinning machine, which can be constructed with four or five stations, supports automatic tool changing. This range of pulley spinning machine is well received because of the simple operation and high efficiency.
    1. Axial Fan Part Spinning Machine The fan parts spinning machine is specially offered for industrial fans. This fan parts spinning device can be used for flanging drum and wind collector for axial fans, spinning air inlet and front disc of centrifugal blower through one-step forming. Apart from that, our axial fan part making machine can be employed for making bead for air duct and expanded duct, as well.
    1. Extinguisher Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine Our hot spinning machine is capable of processing seamless steel tubes into various cylinders with close-in bottom and neck-in top according to different purposes, such as extinguisher cylinder, gas cylinder, etc.