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Extinguisher Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

Description of Extinguisher Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine
1. Our hot spinning machine is capable of processing seamless steel tubes into various cylinders with close-in bottom and neck-in top according to different purposes, such as extinguisher cylinder, gas cylinder, etc.
2. This high efficiency equipment is applied with the automatic hydraulic clamping and spinning device (consistent with hot spinning principle).
3. Through adjusting the die, the process of closing-in and necking-in will be realized.
4. The rear part of cylinder is clamped by the hydraulic cylinder which rotates with the main spindle simultaneously. The whole process is quite stable.

Technical Parameters of Extinguisher Cylinder Hot Spinning Machine

Item Specifications
Main spindle rotating speed 300-400rpm
Main motor power 15kW
Hydraulic station motor power 5.5kW, 1440rpm
Hydraulic pressure Max.15MPa
Clamping force 120KN
Die pushing force 50KN
Max. cylinder diameter 108-180mm
Max. cylinder length 1400mm
Production speed 120-450 pieces per shift (8 hours)
Dimension 3400×1450×1000mm
Weight About 7T

Photo of Hot Spin Extinguisher Cylinders

Note: We can also provide other related machines for extinguisher cylinders, such as cylinder mouth inner threading machine, pneumatic cylinder marking machine, extinguisher powder filling machine, etc.

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