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Axial Fan Part Spinning Machine

The fan parts spinning machine is specially offered for industrial fans. This fan parts spinning device can be used for flanging drum and wind collector for axial fans, spinning air inlet and front disc of centrifugal blower through one-step forming. Apart from that, our axial fan part making machine can be employed for making bead for air duct and expanded duct, as well.

  • Inlet
  • Front Disc
  • Drum
  • Collector
  • Duct Beading
  • Expanding
  • Collector
  • Front Disc

1. The fan parts spinning machine is distinguished by simple operation, low noise, and low energy consumption.
2. Employing special spinning wheel, the fan drum flanging machine integrates different functions to reduce the number of tools needed for production.
3. Since the spinning is conducted from the middle of the blank material, this air inlet forming machine enables smooth spinning surface and little deformation.
4. Thanks to the compact structure, it is very easy for the users to change the spinning wheel for the fan parts spinning machine

Technical Parameters

Item Specifications
Application Centrifugal blower Air inlet and front disc forming
Axial fan Drum and wind collector flanging
Air duct Mouth expanding, flanging and beading
Max. fan parts diameter Fan codes 4-72, 4-73 1800mm
Fan codes 9-19, 9-26 600mm
Front disc size Fan codes 4-72, 4-73 3.6#-18#
Fan codes 9-19, 9-26 3.6#-6#
Max. carbon steel thickness Fan codes 4-72, 4-73 ≤6mm
Fan codes 9-19, 9-26 ≤3mm
Suitable drum diameter ≥350mm
Suitable flanging height ≤30mm
Suitable flanging thickness ≤3mm
Suitable drum length 600mm (3000mm optional)
Main drive motor power 4kW, inverter control
Hydraulic pump motor power 3kW
Machine dimension 2800×1800×1630mm

Hydraulic Fan Drum Flanging and Punching Machine

This machine is specially designed for flanging and hole punching on fan parts.

Main Technical Specifications

Item Specifications
Flange diameter 300-1300mm (customized)
Flanging thickness 1-4mm
Punching thickness 1-5mm
Production speed 80-200pcs/8hours
Driving mode Hydraulic type
Control mode PLC + Touch screen
Motor power 11kW
Machine weight 4600kg
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