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CNG Cylinder Spinning Machine

Description of CNG Cylinder Spinning Machine
Cylinder spinning machine, also known as necking-in machine, is suitable for necking-in mouth and bottom of CNG cylinders, gas bottles and any other pressure vessels by hot spinning principle (so it is also named hot spinning machine).

As a professional supplier, we are in the position to provide complete production line for manufacturing CNG cylinders, including automatic loading & unloading device, medium-frequency pre-heating device, hot spinning machine, conveyor, bottom pressing device, cylinder mouth threading device, cylinder inner wall shot blasting device, cylinder shoulder marking device, etc.

Technical Parameters of CNG Cylinder Spinning Machine:

Item THG-325 THG-406 THG-660*
Max. cylinder diameter 325mm 406mm 660mm
Min. cylinder diameter 200mm 325mm 406mm
Max. cylinder length 2000mm 2000mm 12500mm
Min. cylinder length 750mm 750mm 6000mm
Applicable wall thickness 5-15mm 5-15mm 10-35mm
Main spindle motor power DC 90kW DC 132kW DC 250kW
DC converter Siemens
Hydraulic pump motor power 55kW 75kW 90kW
Hydraulic proportional selector valve ATOS from Italy
Control system Siemens 802C
Pre-heating power 500kW/1000Hz 500kW/1000Hz 1000kW/1000Hz

In addition to the product of THG wheel spinning series, the THM series CNG cylinder spinning machine is also available from us. The spinning of THM is completed through template.

Give us your cylinder size, we will provide you with exact machines.

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