Axial Fan Part Spinning Machine

The pulley spinning machine is newly developed for manufacturing split type and folded type pulley with single or double groove. The pulley can be produced with or without bearing hubs.

Our pulley spinning equipment has two functions, namely center bearing hubs flow forming, and blank material folding and multi-grooves spinning. The horizontal pulley spinning machine, which can be constructed with four or five stations, supports automatic tool changing. This range of pulley spinning machine is well received because of the simple operation and high efficiency.

1.The pulley forming machine is designed with PLC, module control system, HMI, and independent main spindle compulsive lubricating system.
2. The spindle is controlled by powerful inverter.
3. High precision, small spindle runout
4. Little chip or pollution is generated during processing with our vertical pulley spinning machine.

Technical Parameters of Pulley Spinning Machine

Item XY-604 XY-605 XY-805
Mould opening distance 250mm 250mm 250mm
Spinning wheels 4 4 5
Stroke of spinning wheels 80mm 80mm 100mm
Max. blank material thickness 6mm 6mm 12mm
Max. blank material diameter 210mm 210mm 320mm
Max. main cylinder pressure 60T 60T 80T
Working force of spinning wheels 16T 16T 16T
Spindle speed 0-600rpm 0-600rpm 0-430rpm
Main spindle circular runout error ≤0.02mm ≤0.02mm ≤0.02mm
Main spindle end surface displacement ≤0.02mm ≤0.02mm ≤0.02mm
Total motor power 46kW 46kW 53kW
Dimension L 4000mm 4000mm 4900mm
W 2000mm 2000mm 2050mm
H 2000mm 2000mm 2150mm
Weight 5000kg 5000kg 7000kg

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