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Roll Forming Machine

As a professional forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we have accumulated many years' manufacturing experience, which enables us to provide high quality roll forming machines at competitive prices. Our roll forming machine mainly includes K span roll forming machine, spiral steel silo forming machine, C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine, expressway guard rail machine, downspout pipe roll forming machine, color steel tile roll forming machine, steel deck roll forming machine, and so on. The finished products of these roll forming machines are featured with beautiful appearance, accurate size, and wide range of applications. Our roll forming machines are compact, reliable, durable, cost-effective and easy to operate and adjust. As a result, they are very popular with customers in many countries. In addition, we can design and produce roll forming machines of various specifications according to customers' specific requirements.

    1. K Span Roll Forming Machine This MIC-240 super K span machine developed by us adopts the same technology with ABM MIC-240 forming machine. It is comprised of mechanical expansion decoiler, straight panel forming unit, hydraulic / electric mould cutting device, curving panel forming unit, control system, run-out racks for straight, curve panels and all other accessories and tools.
    1. Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine For years we have focused on the spiral steel silo manufacturing technology, which is the world's most advanced technology for steel silo. Different from other steel silo forming machines, this spiral steel silo forming machine produces steel silo by a special kind of seam lock, not by welding or assembling. Our SM40 forming machine is similar to Germany Lipp machine.
    1. Rolling Shutter Slats Roll Forming Machine This roll forming machine can produce rolling shutter slats with polyurethane foam online injected. Its PLC control system such as PLC, touch screen, inverter and encoder are imported from Japan.
      - Steps of rollers: 32 stations
      - Length of main machine: 24 meter
    1. C/Z Purlin Interchangeable Forming Machine Adopting similar technology of the special structure from New Zealand, our C-Z purlin interchangeable forming machine is widely used. The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantling any parts.
      This rolling machine can produce C & Z purlins of all specifications.
    1. Color Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine The product of this roll forming machine features novel appearance, level surface, uniform ripple, high usage and automatization, low cost and durability.
      The product of our color steel tile roll forming machine is widely used in civilian construction, such as plants, hangar, gymnasium, exhibition hall and theaters.
    1. Expressway Guard Rail Machine This expressway guard rail forming machine is mainly composed of mechanical decoiler, feeding & guiding device, leveling device, pre-punching station, roll forming unit, hydraulic mould cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system and unloading rack.
      The product of this roll forming machine is widely used as guard rail for expressway.
    1. Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine Steel deck roll forming machine consists of mechanical expansion decoiler, feeding & embossing device, main forming unit, PLC control system, hydraulic mould cutting device and manual unloading rack. Different profiles of this steel deck roll forming machine are possible, which can meet all your customers' requirements.
    1. Roof/Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine As a renowned roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can produce roof/wall panel roll forming machines according to your requirements.
      Based on the required profiles
      Can be equipped with electric/manual pre-shearing device for changing coils
    1. Other Roll Forming Machines and Equipment Through our years of development, now we at Zhenhuan have the capacity of designing and producing the roll forming machine based on customer's requirements, whether it is stud/track drywall profile roll forming machine, gutter roll forming machine, octangular tube roll forming machine, slide rail guide rail roll forming machine, T-bar roll forming machine ...