CTC Production Line

Our CTC production line is able to produce the continuous transposed conductors used in huge transformer windings with voltage of less than 1000MVA and 1000KV. This device is capable of stranding many flat copper wires together. It, through accurate mechanical actions of transposing head, can curve flat copper wires along the narrow cross-section, and transpose each other repeatedly, and then tape wires with insulation paper and wind them onto the take-up reel.

Characteristics and Features
1. 24-96 pay-off wires, super long pay-off distance, less than 16° pay-off angle
2. The CTC production line offers 8-10° compulsive leveling device with tension fine tuning
3.Constant-pressure double-pushing transposing action, transposing distance: 22-35mm; gapless adjustment, transposing frequency: max. 120 times per minute
4. Complementary tension type paper taping device
The lapping ratio of this device can be preset between 40-70%.
5. Our equipment is applied with double-station caterpillar type towing device and the towing force can be displayed and adjusted.
6. AC servo plus inverter drive, PLC control system, high precision synchronized controlling transmission of each part, recording and self-rectifying, long-distance diagnosing.

Technical Specifications

Item Data Unit
Quantity of flat wires 7-95 pcs
Single wire size A: 1.12-2.85; B: 3.15 - 13 mm
Max. dimension of finished product 28x90 mm
Rotational speed of stranding cage (stepless) 1-10 rpm
Towing speed (stepless) 1-10 m/min
Transposing pitch (stepless) 50-250 mm
Taping speed (stepless) 50-450 rpm
Taping pitch (stepless) 50-100 mm
Max. taping layers 8 x n layers
Width of insulation paper 14-35 mm
Transposing direction Right
Main motor power 18-55 kW
Wire spool size in cage PN400-PN500
Take-up disk size PN800-PN2000
Take-up motor power 7.5 kW
Dimension of the line (38000-58000) x 5200 x 4200 mm
Weight 38-61 Ton
Total power 60-113 kW
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