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Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine

  • stainless steel wire

1.This automatic clothes hanger making machine adopts servo motor to feed wire, with high speed and high precision. Comparing with traditional wire hanger making machine, 100% rate of finished products can be achieved by the automatic machine.
2.Adopt PLC control, HMI operation, simple and convenient to operate.
3.Forming tool can be easily changed to produce hanger with different sizes.
4.Can be optionally equipped with a counter.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine

Item ZHYJ108 ZHYJ109
Applicable wire Plastic coated wire Carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
Applicable hanger size 11-14’’(Children), 15-19’’(Adult)
Wire thickness(mm) 1.6-4.5 1.5-3.5
Production speed(pieces/min) 25-40
Machine dimension(mm) 1400x1000x1600
Machine weight(kg) 900 950
Power supply 380V, 3phase, 50Hz or as required
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