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Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine

1. The automatic clothes hanger making machine adopts servo motor for material feeding, resulting in fast feeding speed and high accuracy.
2. Compared with traditional clothes hanger production line, our clothes hanger forming machine realizes 100% rate of finished product.
3. Thanks to the PLC and HMI for the automatic clothes hanger making machine, the operation of the steel wire hanger making machine is quite convenient and easy.
4. The hanger mould is changeable for the production of clothes hanger in different shapes. Users can grasp the skill for equipment adjustment easily.
5. Apart from regular clothes hanger, we can also manufacture the machine for the production of special clothes hangers, plastic coated hanger, butterfly-shaped clothes hanger, and some others.
6. The clothes hanger welding machine is also available from us.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Clothes Hanger Making Machine

Item YJ-19N YJ-19H YJ-19NJ YJ-19NA YJ-19NB
Suitable hanger size 11-19" 14-19" 14-19" 14-19" 14-19"
Applicable material SS, steel SS, steel Plastic coated wire SS, steel SS, steel
Suitable wire diameter 1.5-5mm 1.6-3.8mm
Production speed 35pcs/min 20pcs/min 28pcs/min 20pcs/min 20pcs/min
Servo motor power 2.0kW
Main drive motor power 2.2kW
Automatic feeder motor power 1.5kW
Machine dimension 1850×1000×1680mm
Machine weight 950kg 900kg

Photo of Welded Clothes Hanger Making Machine

As a professional supplier, we can also manufacture pant hanger making machine.

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