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Hook and Eye Machine

HE-100 hook and eye making machine is specially manufactured for producing hooks or eyes used on hook and eye tapes. One machine for hook and one machine for eye.

Main Features of Hook and Eye Machine
1. Our hook and eye machine is produced using advanced technology from Japan, with high speed and good working efficiency.
2. It is equipped with auto feeding and straightening device, and can automatically stop when there is fault.
3. Linear rail is THK brand, original from Japan, very precise and stable
4. Main bearings are imported from Japan
5. Synchronous belt is imported from Japan
6. Gears are made by 40Cr, adjusted and quenched, HRC 52-55, shafts are made by 45# steel, adjusted
7.Feeding and straightening rollers are made by good steel alloy, heat treated HRC 58-62
8.Polished active components surface, no damages to the coating layer of wire.

Main Technical Data of Hook and Eye Machine

Item Specifications
Suitable hook/eye size Customized
Applicable wire Steel, stainless steel, rubber coated wire
Production speed 100-12pcs/min (hook)
200-250pcs/min (eye)
Main drive motor power 0.75kW
Motor for feeding device 90W
Power supply 220V, single-phase
Machine dimension (With feeder) 2500×700×1570mm
Machine weight About 400kg

Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine

ZH-457 series hook and eye sewing machine is specially designed for sewing hook and eyes with adjustable stitch pitches controlled by micro-computer. For one line, there need three eyes sewing machines and one hook sewing machine.

Main Features of Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine
1.Stitching pitches is adjustable controlled by micro-computer, easy and convenient operation
2.Discretional sizes and stitches. Once set, the program can be called out repeatedly
3.Total 20 programs can be saved
4.LCD displays present sewing specification and finished quantity of hooks or eyes
5.Optional alarming function. When for trail test, the alarms for thread break and short of hook or eye can be shut off.
6.Automatic alarm and stop when there is no tape or no hook, eye. After being provide with enough material, the system will start automatically.

Main Technical Data of Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine

Item Specifications
Hook/eye tape width 9.3-99.3mm
Quantity of hook/eye in one row Max. 9pcs
Stitch pitch 9.3-99.3mm
Sewing speed 60-65 hooks (eyes) per minute
PLC & LCD From Taiwan
Sensor From Japan
Single machine dimension 750×1200×1500mm
Single machine weight About 270kg
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